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Double Standards

| Why is netorare okay when it's incest and it's mother/son?

I find that when there's no netorare tag or just a cheating tag when it's mother/son incest on exhentai that there's hardly ever any complaints about netorare. Happens in h-anime sites too. Hell, even on danger/u/. I remember there was a thread about anon fucking their mom on /d/ and everyone's chill with that.

| Because the doujin probably doesn't have the husband asleep or at the phone or in the other room, getting cucked.

Most NTR emphasize on main characters (or you) getting cucked. Meanwhile, the gurl who banged her mom is the one that created the thread; the story was about a gurl that banged the mom, not the dad getting cucked. So unless the dad was the OP, or he jumped in the thread and shared his experiance, or the mom referenced how she was cheating on him, it is not NTR.

| >>610010
Also, in that thread OP explicitly said that dad left when he was a kid, so there was literally no cucking at all.

Though, OP, honestly. Why are you complaining about shit like this? If you don't like watching it, don't fucking watch it, and let the people who enjoy it just enjoy it, alright?

| would you cuck your father?

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This thread is permanently archived