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I want my peepee to cry

| But my peepee dont know how

| My g/u/rl, you gotta take a piss

| Blindfold your class mate and tell her your dick is a spider

| give your little sis an ice cream mix with brother love

| Give your little sister a little sister.

| Give your brother love a little sis mix with ice cream

| I want to poop to anal sex.

| I love sex.

| >>610092 fuck sex

| >>610098 fuck you Theg

| Instructions unclear.
I gave my ice cream a little sis

| >>610105 no, fuck you, leather man

| >>610112 >>610105 ill fuck you both, lazy kids

| >>610116 sex is gay, fuck off

| Remember that joker who said there will be less shitposting thanks to captchan? Sad lol.

| >>610135 this is not shitposting. This is board culture. Learn to tell the difference.

| always pee after sex, OP

| >>610135 and I thought *my* jokes were bad...

| punch your peepee but also be nice to your little sister

| >>610135 whenever someone says "sad" at the end of a sentence I just hear Dolan Trump

| >>610452 the duck?

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This thread is permanently archived