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Things you want to cum on

| Public rest room door handle

| myself

| everyone

| This thread

| Kiddies!

| boyfriend's cock

| >>032905 >>3261b1 >>d6a1a7 >>81d425 >>bb0532 >>fe91ea

| I'm going to finish smoking the rest of my weed. I have it packed in my bong and ready to fire up. Then I'm going to nut all over the place. Either way I hope it goes better when I didn't have anything to wipe my cock with the other night when I was high. I ended up nutting in my coffee and chugging it for some reason. I have no idea why I even did it.

| >>610209
Bro, that's right.

| >>610209 1st world problems :P

| you op ;)

on a serious note. jav coming on face really doesn't turn me on for some reason

| >>610209 haha this made me laugh. what did ur coffee taste like?

| On my friend's food. Please, don't say I'm a bad person, she would love to eat that, honestly!

| My sister right now because holy shit she's being a brat and I'm erect!

| ^

| >>610494 wincest, bro go for it!

| >>610466 probably bitter, salty, and regret

| >>609896 thanks to you I now hate public restrooms 200% more and I did not even think that was possible.

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This thread is permanently archived