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I'm getting over my brother

| Hi. Thank you all for the advice and encouragement I got on the last two threads. I'm making this to update you on how things went. I go to school and stuff normally now, and every now and then I play with my brother. I don't feel super bad anymore even though it still hurts a bit, but I'm getting over it. I have even talked a little with his girlfriend. She's really nice to me. She doesn't know about all the stuff, and she hurts a little bro talk to, but I want to be her friend.

| If we're friends then maybe I'll get over it faster and I'll stop feeling bad. I'm not super jealous anymore, just a little bit, so maybe it will make me not jealous at all.

Anyway, thank you for helping me when I really needed it! I'm sorry I couldn't give you the ending you wanted.

| Don't worry about it. This ending is nice and wholesome enough. Glad to hear you're recovering nicely.

| NTR ending, best ending.

| yandere ending is still available.

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The ending we wanted was you being happy, which is what we are getting. You followed your heart and have an intimate connection with your brother that will last forever. We are all proud of you!

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Thank you! That's so nice of you. That really means a lot. I'm getting my happiness back now and I became closer to him too so you really helped me a lot

Thank you!

| >>609701 :D

| Definitely a better ending than the alternative. Hope OP manages to find someone precious in her life that also doesn't coincide with her family line for at least 28 generations.

| Now imagine if girlfiend's brother lived through the same thing...

| Maybe all these threads are a foreplay to threesome with my brother and his gf thread

| Hello. I went through something very similar with a girl I had grow up with whom we had recently taken in. I had always thought about her a lot and when she was finally back in my life she almost immediately confessed to me and from there things moved way too fast. It all turned out really badly, it's a year later and I'm still dealing with the fallout. The point I'm making is that despite all the encouragement you've been getting, self denial may really be the best way to go.

| The truth is that as people in our teens we've reached a point where such feeling can pop up for just about anyone without warning, especially anyone we've been close to for a long time and people who treat us nicely. Attractiveness helps too. It's natural, and in some cases exploring these feelings can be healthy, but sometimes it just all goes to shit. The best thing you can do for yourself now is take care of your mental and physical health and do your best to be happy.

| >guy dating ftm tranny, bring dumped by it and then dating again
>g/u/rl making out(?) with her brother
wtf is wrong with you people, what happened with good old fashioned g/u/rl(male) on gay(guy) action?

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I'm not going to deny my feelings. I've already confessed to him. I only have these feelings for him and nobody else. I am working on my mental health though and I'm doing a lot better now.

I didn't make out with him. I wanted to but I found out he has a girlfriend.

| It's not about denying anything. Just controlling and reigning it down to be something healthier.

| Do not worry about it. Just do what you need to do to be happy and everything else will fall in place. You're doing what you need to do, I was just sharing my experience with you. It'll all work out with time.

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Thank you. I hope so.

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