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How to find sugar parent/sex work?

| Hey, I'ma 18 year old trans girl and I need money for hormones, I've been trying to find ways to get money via sex but it's hard... How do I get this ball rolling?

| HAHAHA. Okay, that actually cracked me up.

| Taco Bell pays $11/hr, and you're basically guaranteed to get hired because of your alternate lifestyle.

| >>609455 nigga doesn't want to work for his shit, point him to the closest millionaire willing to fuck a tranny

| >>609464 just saying, you know, as a temporary fill-in. Get some cash flow and meet some new people, use the money to get into places where rich people hang out. They don't hang out in free places because that's where the commoners are...

| Thats a very dangerous profession. if you are set in it just go online and cam. Definately safer and could be more lucrative.

| >>609455 I actually have a job at Arby's now but it's not enough money rn for a place and food and hormones and stuff, so I need more
>>609567 I might do that!! Thnx!!

| >>609586
You can order hormones online, it's about $100 USD a month.
Get a job, don't hide your transition from your parents, and don't be a whore.

| One alternate lifestyle at a time, ok?

| Hey, OP are you serious about finding a sugar parent? Because if you need tips look it up on youtube! There's more than enough youtubers that talk about how to get into the "game". Whatever you decide be safe, love <3 And don't let them "game" eat you up

| >>609741 ooh I'll def look into that!!! Thnx!

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