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Best fapping-material threads on /d/

| Allright, I think it's not a bad idea to collect links to all best threads on /d/ in one place. Please, help, gurls! I'll start.

Thread about some gurl who got herself a hot goth girlfriend with s/m kink:

Thread about some dude who had a successful trouple relationship:

| That choking one is gold.

I feel like we gotta have mom-fucker Q&A here. It's a banner after allz and it's just too fucking good:

| I love sex.

| i liked the dicks threads.

| >>609319 please go away and never come back

| >>609319 fuck sex

| Anone E x Prefetcher fanfiction.

| >>609197
I can't believe you have the link to THE hot goth choking girlfriend thread. What a champ. Such nostalgic

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This thread is permanently archived