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Got my classmate to step on my dick

| I did it /d/, though it didn't go the way I expected it
>be me
>want my female classmate to step on my pp
>create a plan
Two days ago
>Lure her to a empty classroom
>give her a blindfold
>challenge her to walk without tripping while blindfolded
>she accepts
>she is doing ok
>Lie on my back in front of her
>she accidentally steps on my
>"A-anon, what is that is a spider?"
>"Yeah you better kill it before she attacks you"
>she stomps her foot on my cock and balls

| >feelslikeheaven.mp3
>moan a little
>"Anon, was that you?"
>she almost takes the blindfold off
>"You can't do that, if you do you lose"
>She doesn't
>the feeling that she might have seen through my stupid idea is still lingering in my mind
How should I figure out if she knows what my objective was? My action there was pretty scummy (at least by my standards).
Help /d

| Just go get a kinky gf at this point

| >>e81342
I could if I had any idea of how to get a gf, also I'm kind of a shut-in so that will get in the way

| Damn look at this shitty LARP.

| How the fuck would she think your dick was a spider

| Yeah, that's the "This definitely happened" category. I'd be more inclined to believe that she fucked you in the ass with her futa cock

| >>608728
Because small and has eight legs.

| >>608714 well you seem to be getting along well enough with classmate, just confess to her and beg her not to tell your friends.

| >>608809 this +1

If she is okay with getting dragged by you and blindfolded, I am pretty sure she'll be okay having a relationship with you.

| OP, you better act now, for real. I missed my chance to get a gf when we were just about as close

It was kinda hurtful to talk to her about that time (years passed) recently just to know there were mutual feelings

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This thread is permanently archived