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Your biggest kink regret story

| Either a kink you have/had that backfired at you in some unpleasant way or similar/worst, or a new kink you were curious about and tried that didn't go as expected

| I tried "gay conversion" on my hot friend. It didn't go well

| Kink: attracted to kids.
Action: suppression.
Result: constant panic attacks, anxiety, stress and wanting to die.

| >>608474 give some story then! Need details
>>608478 honestly admire your self control about something like that, keep it up and hope you find a solution that helps you feel better or distracts you

| >>608474 thank Christ for that, no one deserves such treatment

| >>608481
Thank you. Your nice words genuinely mean a lot. I'm talking to a therapist about it so hopefully I'll be alright.

| >>608487
Best of luck! We are cheering for your recovery!

| Took in a trans girl who said they wanted to kiss and cuddle. They played FF14 and ate all my food instead. Had to kick them out.

| >>608496 and she didn't even invite you to raid in FF14? That's just rude

| Ended up getting chlamydia from fucking three random girls I didn't know without protection and showering at all one after another within 24 hours.

| Sorry, should have posted the kinks
Fucking a bunch of random fat nasty bitches while being a manwhore keeping it from each of them. Didn't even know their real names.

inb4: I didn't pay for any of the sex. Matter of fact I was paid in free weed and alcohol.

| >>608496 fucking travis strikes again

| >>608496
dude he fucking multiplied :o

| >>608478 >>608487
eh you sound interesting. if i was like 7 years younger i'd wanna be with you
nothing ever happened, but i used to be an... active kid.

| >>609050 dude, what the actual fuck?

| >>609053
welcome to the internet kind stranger

| >>609050
Thanks! I would have had to decline though, well, I'm not sure if I would be strong enough to do so, but if I got together with someone very young something would happen, and that's not a good thing.

| >>609076
but back then i'd have been happy with it. hell i probably would not be such a fuckup now if i was really loved like that.

| pissing in my mouth.

| >>609141 you pissing in your own mouth? i did that once, it was most definitely unworth it.

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