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im going to kinkshame scat

| if u scat u bad

| I don't (usually) use scat, but why?

| I like to take a nice, fulfilling dump.
Does this count?

| uhhhhhhhhh

>>607397 no but you're discriminating people with constipation so ur kinda bad and i'm jealous>:(

| >>607429
I wanna discriminate you some more :3 And then make us some herbal tea.

| Really though, what's the allure of shit? Does it just smell or look or taste that good, or is it some kinda masochistic thing? There are a lot of weird fetishes but I will always believe that scat takes the cake as the most asinine of them all

| Ntr is the most asinine

| >>607434 but it's the fantasy of either being dominated by a stronger male into obedience or being the alpha man, breaking the weaker opposition. I can get that, that is an understandable concept. But how can you like literal shit? How can anyone look at someone's ass and go "oh man, I want to see a fat ol' liquid turd to break out of that big boy"? Like that sounds completely absurd. Like a fever dream someone imagined, that has no place in the real world. A joke, figment of mind.

| >>607440 yea, I agree, that one is really hard to wrap my head around... not that I've tried very hard tbh. I think it has something to do with dirty things, feeling aroused by something being super dirty and filthy, literally the nastiest shit ever. You learn about it when you are very very young, so it is a really deep kind of mental object.

| >>607440 that is just the nature of fetish, gurl. Some will cum buckets to it, while some others will be disgusted by it.

I am not a scat gurl, but I can imagine people like it for the humiliation side. Like how pooping is something you do in private so some will find the appeal of watching someone attractive/pure dumping out disgusting stuff.

| I can also say that NTR is unreasonable, because if you want to be dominated, just be a sadist and at the very least you'll get a direct pleasure from it instead of just fapping to the scene/idea of your beloved one being banged.

| >>607561 it's not about being dominated in a traditional sense, I feel. More like : "I'm so worthless that I don't deserve to have sex with this person, and even that pig of a man is better suited for the role". So it's like a super advanced version of masochism where you don't get your kicks from being thrown about by an attractive person, but by watching that attractive person get all the fun, while you're left behind. The epitome of humiliation, if you want.

| >>607561 oh and, if you want TO BE dominated, it's masochism

| >>607568 maybe she meant be sadistic to your self... like mental self-flaggelation... or whatever.

| >>607567 that is just glorified voyeurism, though. If you play porn video right now, the girl is probably having sex with a guy more muscular/handsome/richer than you. You just need to add self guilt and pretend that the actress bring banged is your GF/Wife to turn it to NTR.

>>607568 >>607575
Yes, I mistook maso for sadist. My bad. I meant, if you want to he bullied to cum, just be a maso and at least you cum from being directly stepped on/cummed instead of your right hand.

| Anyways, that is beside the point. My point is that any fetishes will have their own fans who will defend/justify it and some haters that can't believe that people don't flinch looking at it.

Arguing about "how can someone fap to this" will never be fruitful.

| >>607577 but it can be interesting to look into why certain people are drawn to a particular form of fetishism. Like a morbid curiosity of poking a dead rat, except you're poking a person who would rather cum by shlicking on said rat corpse

| >>607584 I see. I guess it is harmless when the intention stops at learning the reasons for liking certain fetishes.

I've been on places in which the fetish war is so bad to the point that if you don't like NTR, you are a sad virgin incel. On the other hand, the loli guys went overboard to the toddlers territory.

So yeah, when I see people are starting throwing crap for fethises, it just gave me PTSD.

| I'm about to fap to this woman shitting in some hot dog buns and forcing her friends to eat it.

| >>607688 did the shitting woman eat the original hot dog? That would be lol.

| >>607696
Yes, poopeegirls.com has the video. Just search it up if you're that curious. There even was a glass full of hot warm piss to wash it down.

| >>607715 thank, now i can awake my friend's inner kink

| OP here no need to argue

poop gross scat bad

| say with me

poop gross scat bad
poop gross scat bad
poop gross scat bad

| fantasy is fantasy
no need to argue

it's either all fetishes bad or no fetishes bad

| >>608089 well, I think it could be bad for a person if they are ashamed or it negatively impacts their life... so how about, no shame and accept that certain fetishes can be unhealthy or socially isolating depending on context.

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