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Am I gay for getting turned on by my guy friend naked?

| A friend I've known for years and I decided to go and work out together. It would be the first time we've gone together. In the locker rooms while we were both undressing, I couldn't help but stare at his toned yet feminine build. I couldn't stop thinking. Later that night I couldn't help but fantasize him pushing me down and having his way with me. I don't think I'm gay. I've never had these kinds of thoughts until now. Should I try to resist them? Should I try to act on them?

| I love sex.

| Fuckin act on them, If you two haven't fucked by the time this thread dies then whats the point

| yeah man, thats pretty gay. Id go for it mate

| No you're not gay. What you describe are usual straight man thoughts. It's totally normal for heterosexual guys to fell in love and have sex with each other. Just go for it.

| It really depends. I've had thoughts like that at times and they have been arousing, but it's not regularly. It's very rare. If you keep having thoughts like that, you might be gay. If you start regularly having thoughts like that about men, not just him, you're most likely very gay. If you feel like acting on it now though, then go for it. Have fun.

| I see I see, I'll keep that in mind :>

| If you are a girl, it is not gay.
If you want to recieve and are male, it is gay.

| Only you can answer that question, really. Don't think about what other people would consider gay or straight, just think honestly about how it made you feel. Sexuality can be confusing, but don't overthink it.

| >>606112 no shit sherlock

| >>606308 That's fair. But idk, I think I liked it sexually. It turned me on, but only because of the person it was. If it was some stranger with the same body, I probably wouldn't have had the same reaction.

| >>606338
sounds like pansexuality but I'm no expert

| >>606376
Huh. That could actually make sense.

| >>606338 It's not that unusual for people to be bisexual or pansexual without really knowing it for a long time. Most bisexual people I know have a preference of gender to begin with, so it does usually start out with finding an "exception" to liking which one you thought you exclusively liked. I'm not speaking from a position of absolute truth or anything though, this is just based on my own experience with similar situations. Best of luck, take it easy.

| Hmm, well, if I do act on him? How should I go about it? I don't wanna stand out too much to him, nor do I wanna push myself on him. I'm pretty sure he's straight. Is there a way I could approach this without making it awkward?

| I wanted to suck my bf's dick when we were in middle school, then I grew up and realized how disgusting that is and how heterosexual I am. Maybe that's how you'll get too.

| ^btw bf for best friend, not for boyfriend

| >>606503 That's an important clarification that should've been left out.

| >>60641
Get the both of you drunk in a secluded location and offer to suck his dick or 'be his gf for the evening'

| >>606566 g/u/rl you can tap or click the number you're trying to reply to to paste it in automatically

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who the fuck gets aroused by frying pans

| >>606733 I think they're hot. I once came on it and cooked my jizz like those were eggs for breakfast

| >>606736
but it fucking stinks and doesn't amount to anything at all. it fucks up the pan and you get nothing to eat out of it.

| >>606745 but it's hot bro, just try it bro

| >>606748
ooh i'm coomin in a pan

| >>606751 I coomed in them. I coomed in them all. They're coomed, every single one of them. And not just the pan, but the dishes and the cups, too. They're like pussy, and I slaughtered them like pussy. I'M GONNA COOOOOM!

| Well, I think it's right about time to unwatch this thread lol.

| >>606782
what the fuck are you talking about???

| Great thread guys lol

| I can still reply

| >>607682 Legends never die

| Oi OP, did you bang him yet? Progress reports please.

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