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Do pubes match hair color?

| I need definite answer so I can tell artists who draw white haired girl with black pubes to fuck off or not

*) I won't actually tell anyone to fuck off

**) I know it's fictional or whatever but comparing fiction to real life is fun

***) If you need more reason, let's just say if you want to tell if someone's hair color is natural or not...

| Yes. There can be some weird discoloration effects in some limited parts of the body (for instance if there is a scar, a burn) but otherwise, yes.

| The author can just shut you down by saying "she dyed her hair"

| Pubic hair colour and "normal" hair colour are completely unrelated homie.

| White hair is not real, myth.

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albino people >am I a joke to you?

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Not a joke, just a myth.

| Hair on any part of the body doesn't have to match the color of any other part at all.

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Her hair is just covered with layers of thick semen.

| >>605995 Now i kinda wanna dye my pube hair

| Every one of my pine hairs is a different hair color. It's been like this since puberty. I have jet black hair.

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Me and my bff did for that for a cosplay, it was loads of fun.

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| Body hair can be several different colors in different areas of the body including the pubic region. Or, it could be uniform with the head hair. It simply depends on the individual. Basically: not always.

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