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Would you try to make money out of nudes/lewds

| I got a femboy-ish type of body, one time i took some nudes and shared it on some weird discord server and people told me that i was good at it and shit, but I've never went full at it (i haven't shaved ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) nor have bought trap clothes

The point; if you were in my position would you ditch your dignity and go full on and try to make money out of it?

| I give a negative answer to that question.

| no because i have too much money but nothing to live for so making money degrading myself would be counterproductive

| no because i'm still mooching off of my conservative family

| I would just do it for glory but sadly i don't have femboy body

| Depend on your desires like how much ya luv money or show off your body beauty,... And think about consequences too. Gud lucc g/u/rl

| Money is money I'd do it a thousand time if i could as long as my identity remains secret :( but also dont succumb to the darkness of wanting more because eventually you'll offer more, too. Keep the it partially for the fun part

| If I were you, I'd just go full SICKO MODE. With cute clothing, stockings and some really provocative camera angles~. But I sure can't recommend that route..

| >>605705
No, that would make you a whore.
And you would have to take a lot of steps to protect your identity, which probably still wouldn't be enough.
A few years of increasingly degenerate self-blackmail material and mental harm is not worth the small change you'll be able to earn.

| Let us be the judge op show us the pics!

| OP HERE! Thanks everyone for your opinions!

I am careful enough so that my identity is not revealed, trust me, i know how to hide my ip and the pics aren't gonna have my name on em

That actually sounds tempting but again im not sure about it

I do think the same way about money and thanks for the advice!

I'm don't "need" the money but im kinda low on cash rn

Maybe my boi, maybe...

| If people would actually buy them...

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