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Is it ok to have a mommy kink?

| So, g/u/rls, at first I didn't realize until I started jokingly calling a friend of mine "mommy", and that descended into a full on ERP. In this case, do I deserve kinkshaming?

| you are entitled to 1 (one) free kinkshaming upon presenting this coupon to a participating affiliate kinkshamer.

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| Dont u have a mom? Think about her.

| Ara Ara op-kun~

| Yes. There's nothing wrong with having a kink of any type.

| Wow, your kink must be powerful. So powerful that I got the corresponding header image for this thread. Ya know the one with the guy holding the blog fish, and there's a thread about the OP who had sex with her mom?

| If anyone told you "No", would it change your mind? Just don't fuck your own mother and its alright

| Kink or love not actually all 'bout sex or desired. So try thinking carefully 'bout it g/u/rl

| I mean I feel having a Mommy kink isn't as frowned upon as other things. I'm into Futa and bought my first figure not too long ago, a bit of my family caught wind of it and they tried their best not to dis-own me

| >>605615
Most girls have a /d/addy fetish, but yours is okay too. Just don't get into the weird infantilism aspects and you'll be okay.

| No, it is NOT okay, change what you like RIGHT NOW or face the consequences.

| > I started jokingly calling a friend of mine "mommy"
well, we all need to start somewhere

| No not really, I think it's in the nature of a man to like someone that cares for you through all shit.
You should be ok unless you see your own mom as like this.
Practically sexualized "moms"
Yeah why not

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This thread is permanently archived