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The best way to start bondage but more interested in rope art type

| Want to ? But dunno how to. If anyone is knowledgeable, how did you start the hobby ?


| Start by looking up basic rope bondage techniques.
Go to a hardware store and buy 3 9m/30ft soft cotton braided rope, no nylon.
Practice on an overturned chair or your own legs.

Most importantly, be safe. Don't tie a knot you can't undo, don't cut off circulation. Ignorance can kill.
Also, don't use your new rope-knowledge for evil purposes.

People always underestimate how long it takes to tie properly. It's not a quick thing, but it has a sublime and aesthetic beauty.

| Helpful tips!

Don't get ropes wet! Rope loosens when wet and tightens when it dries. If you expect ropes to get sweaty, like under the armpits or crotch, leave a little bit of slack in them to account for that.

Wash your ropes! They can and do get dirty. Wash them like everything else.

Test your knots! Especially before putting weight into them. Have the person you are tieing try to get loose, or test, the ropes after you finish the knot.

Listen! Make adjustments as needed.

| More helpful tips!
(because character limit is short)

It's better to have multiple shorter lengths or rope than one long one. You can always tie on more rope, but you can only cut a rope once.

Tie by this motto and you'll always have a good time:
Safe, Sane, Consensual

If rope binding turns out to be your thing, or you just like looking at ties to aspire to, look up 'shibari' or 'kinbaku-bi'. The japanese have a history of beautiful bindings.

| Ah, one more thing!

You want rope that is about as wide around as your pinkie finger.
If the rope is too thin, it cuts off circulation and looks bad. Of the rope is too thick, it is unwieldy and also looks bad.

About the width of your pinkie is good for most ties, and running two ends in paralell is great for ties that need more support.

Feel free to ask any more questions you have.

Until then, happy binding!

| I got into it by accidentally getting tied up and falling on face in Physical Education class while using a jump rope.

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That's hot.

| >>605161 ahh i don't have a partner, is it possible to get interested in it as a personal interest?

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It is, but you are going to need another willing person there. If you're going to test it on yourself you need someone who can get you out in case you fuck up big time, but preferably you'd test it on them. You can of course practice all the different knots and tying techniques on your own, but full on bondage requires a minimum of two people.

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