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Is it weird that im not attracted to real people?

| This all started like, mid 7th grade (im in junior year). I was a new weeb, and I watched konosuba and instantly became obsessed with megumin. Soon thereafter, real people just didn't do it for me anymore, and havent since. Real boobs and pussy just aren't attractive anymore. Is this unusual? Is there anyone have this problem as well? What are your thoughts.

| Is there anyone else with this problem* sorry I cant fucking type

| Was same way around your age for a few years and least, but it did go away in my 20s, that is I like both real and anime pussy now

| All I can say is: Enjoy your time with your waifu now, because in a few years, people will call you pedo for doing/liking the same stuff you do/like now.

| Kids in 7th grade were watching konosuba on release? Man I feel old.
OP, your best bet is to find someone who is like Best Explosion Loli in person who is not an actual loli.

| >>605144 well that's easy. A lot of Asian people look hella young.

| >>605163
A lot of them are (not that good) explosion mages as well, so it's really not that hard.

| true weebs only jerk off to hentai and never watch real porn. this is nothing unusual

source: weebs

| Anime characters are generally drawn to be flawless with exaggerated neotenous characteristics, especially on the female ones. Considering your overexposure to anime starting at a really young and the fact that how flawed real human bodies can be I dont think it is weird at all.

| Fapped to hentai since I was 7 and I'm proud of it.

| >>605381
> especially on the female ones
i think you meant "except for the ugly and really old ones"

anime bois are fuckin F A B U L O U S

| 3dp is d

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