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Sluts, give me advice

| Gf is giving me a lot of shit lately.I've been thinking about selling my pics online. Is this morally right, and if so, how do I find propper site? Also I might send some pics later to see if I'm good enough

| First you set up a Twitter and post risque photos every once in a while an also find subreddits where you can post suck pictures like r/boobs or r/girlsgonewild so you and say that if they want to see more they can check out your onlyfans account ( you can just put this on your Reddit account description etc) which they would have to pay a monthly fee for in order to access any pictures, videos and posts you have. I am no girl but I do see what a lot of girls do to make easy $

| Just make sure they are below the nose shots or similar unless you plan to do it for a living. Also you can totally record audio as well for a joi a lot of those desperate guys love that stuff and will pay big money for it.

| Yes, not showing your face is important if you want this to be a private hobby, especially nowadays when face recognition tools are very powerful.

| If it's morally "wrong" or morally "right" is completely subjective. It's something you have to make up your own opinion about. My opinion is that as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, do whatever you want. I know some people and religions very much look down upon it though. Who of us is right, if any, you'll have to decide for yourself.

The advice you've gotten from the above anons is really solid and should be taken to heart if you're planning on doing it.

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Either patch things up with your gf or find a new one.
If you want to sell lewd newds, make sure you give them to your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, your friends, your boss/professors and everyone you'll ever meet. Because that's what you're doing by posting lewds online.
You can slut it up without bringing megacorporations into it.

| >>604870 as long as op doesn't show her face no one will know so I don't see the point of you saying all that since it is not true, but I do agree with what you said about the gf

| Ehh depends if you've got any identifying marks, like a arm tattoo, always the chance someone will recognize your face and voice

Morally, nothing wrong with it, maybe a little trashy but it's not bad like kicking a puppy or something

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Seconding the remarks about tattoos piercings or birth marks. Any of those will be added to a database and recorded.
It's so much easier to be a slut in private irl, and better in the ling run.

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