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Would you become a slut and abandon your dignity out of sexual frustation

| Because im minutes to do so

| out of sexual frustration ?

| >>>/d/ this way, sloot

| I love sex.

| I wouldn't, but do what you feel like

| The trick is to only be a slut for your bf

| >>604481 Exactly, find a good guy and let him take care of it

| Op here: im about to sell some nudes, even though usually i give em for free (cos i like it) but doing it for money feels weird, really weird -_-

| I don't have enough energy for that.

| Ive sold nudes before. The first time is... Weird but you will get used to it quick. Easy money for sure

| >>604566
Congratulations, that is your moral subconcious trying to keep you from becoming a whore. If you take money for your body, you reduce yourself to just another thing to be bought and sold. You have to choose what is more important: money or your soul.


| >>604671 i don't think is as important as my soul but yea, it feels really weird...

Wanna trade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

| How about a free sample op?

| >>604741 sure m8, where?

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This thread is permanently archived