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Cum tastes bad

| Is it just me? I've only tasted my own so maybe I'm not getting the full experience but still, it's gross

| It means you ingest terrible food.

| >>d1e7f6 Hey, it depends from which man eated before for best expirience froce him (or urself) to eat fruits and don't eat so hard thins like meat or sth fried

| >>604375
Eat less meat, drink less soda, eat more pineapple and celery.
Tell your bf you'll go down on him more if he tastes better.

| For me, my cum tastes like barely anything, but I wouldn't say terrible

| So in the past my man came on his stomach and I dipped a finger in the jizz to taste it. Was bitter. Kinda disappointed, I knew it was gonna be nasty but man it looks way hotter in porn

| Idk... I kinda like it...

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This thread is permanently archived