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Okay so there is a DANGEROUS pervert on the loose!

| oh god oh god what do we do

| We recruit her!

| I love sex.

| Hold his hand and never let go.
If you can, bring them to your local purgatory.

| we have to bait him/her with our panties!

| >>604084 We want to capture, not traumatize him

| Is it you?

| This PERVERT has drained me of half my sex fluids! I NEED those!!

| >>604165
Explain more, I'm not convinced.

| >>604263
We need to capture her and bring her here to /d/, where she will feel right at home with all the other dangerous perverts. Sending the to purgatory is not the way to go. That will just make them sad and shit.

| A DANGEROUS pervert on my DANGEROUS board?? in the most DANGEROUS textboard??

| >>604268
we're already in /d/

| >>604362 potentially!!! do u think the regular dildo caliber will apply or will we need to commission bad dragon again?

| >>604195
I warned you about fluoride

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This thread is permanently archived