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Finding Obscure Hentai

| How to?
Checked sites like exhentai and nhentai for this artist's newest work but nobody's uploaded that artist's stuff for over a year.

| go to japan and track down the artist and break into their house

| Whomst does thou search for?
An Artist called "Obscure"?
If so, he seems unbeknown to me.
But otherwise, have thine checks contained the "search expunged galleries" option and a swift look over to nyaa.si, my fellow /d/generate?
Or might thou be searching for modern ghosts?
Do not forget:
Just because it has gained physical shape on this mortal plane does not necessarily mean it has been blessed by the Scanners generous selflessness.

| >>603782
Thank you kind ma/d/am for thine advice.
Verily, I have tried thine methods to my dismay. The artist I seek be a man who doth goes by the name "Yuri Ai" whose works be 'digital'.

| 'Tis with great sadness that i read your reply, fine internet /d/enizen.
Please forgive me for not providing the solution thou was searching for.
I myself will take it upon me to keep a look out for thine fine artists missing work. 'Tis the best i can offer at these harsh times.
Should my search prove itself successfull, i will contact thee on this blackboard again, be it within the lifetime of this thread or if i have to create a new one.

| But nonetheless, i might add, one must train their patients when it comes to the releasing of hentai material.
I myself, in a time long lost and almost forgotten, had to wait for years until a kind soul uploaded the latest works i was waiting for.
Therefore, fear not, for i think time will come and thine thirst shall be quenched.

| If you know the artists name, try searching it in Japanese on mandarake. There you can cheaply buy his/her works if they're available.

| Therefore important questions lie unanswered.
Is our searching party wielding the ability to decipher such things as moonrunes?
Or does Mandarake otherwise giveth viable translations?

| You can search with moonrunes on mandarake and sadpanda provides Japanese titles for each doujin beneath the English name on the gallery page, so basically a copy and paste job.

| https://nhentai.net/artist/yuri-ai/ This?

| Seems he or she also goes by this name "YURIAI KOJINSHI KAI"

| Its not about the search, its about the final product you get from mandarake.
If you cant read moonrunes and they only sell raw originals (which i couldnt really figure out) you are buying more of a picture book than an actual story.
I mean if thats what you want,go for it.

And if someone tells me they use the expunged gallery search i assume they know sadpanda good enough to do the rest (copy and paste the moonrunes) on their own

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