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How do I seduce my brother?

| I really, really like him. We're not blood related since he's adopted, and he's really cute. He's always been nice to me, and now that we're both developed enough, I've started feeling very warm, tingly and aroused when we're together. I really want to have sex with him, and I want to be with him forever, but I don't know how. He's nice to me all the time, but he's nice to everyone, so I don't know if he likes me the same way and I would really appreciate some advice.

| >>603734 real advice, you'll probably regret it if you do anything in a few years, especially if it becomes public somehow

Meme advice; use the doujin "she was cute before" as a guide

| >>603734
Start brushing each other's teeth.
Always works if you do it right.

| Try usual stuff. Don't lock the bathroom door, don't wear panties around him, let him hear your shlicking. You'll quickly know is it a no-no or no-but-maybe.

| >>603809
That's way too embarrassing!

| Wake him up, he'll have his morning boner. Immediately pull down his pants, get on top of him, and do him in matting press position.

| >>603820
I'm not going to get serious answers, am I?

| >>603821
you wont, but if its any consolation, i think most everyone wishes for your success

| >>603821 asking for advice and dismising it before even try it out. You are the one that's not serious here.

| sleeping together is the best-and most reasonable- way to see if he only likes you as a sister,if not you'll probably feel it immediately.

| wait, why do you have to seduce him ?
you're family, right ?

| short of raping him, i suggest remembering that hes probably an incredibly horny teenager, and realizing that it probably wont be hard for him to want to sex you, and that the main challenge is if you need to take him by the collar and help him across the "th-this is wrong!" feeling.

if theres no age difference it should be fine. if hes much older than you, it can easily go wrong, it may be best if you just shlick away these feelings...

| It would require a lot of planning to do, but you should think deeply about it one night, maybe go for ways to be alone and close, like a night of playing videogames on bed ( would work better with coop games i think ), and work on that, also, some cum ice cream never fails, but you would need to be careful with it.
Anyway, looking foward to you as i am on the same situación, but double the chances :P

| Situation*

| >>603842
There's no way I could do that! I would have no excuse for doing it.

No! I don't want to be forceful or just have sex. I want him to be my boyfriend.

Thank you!

That sounds really nice! I would love that! He really likes video games and I do too. He plays a lot of single player games, so maybe some of them have coop. I'll try to find out what games he have and ask if we could play it together. He'll probably say yes! Thank you!

| my two sisters usually sleep with me it's no big deal. as a family they find comfort and safety in this so there's really no need for an excuse. good luck though.

| >>603860
And make sure to hug him a lot, surprise hugs are the best, and even better if its from behind, for me at least.

| >>603860 while playing video games, wear dangerous clothes

| >>603869
Maybe that's normal for some people, but I haven't done that since I was 10.

Yes! I can do it if we complete a challenge or level or something in the game! I can act all excited and use that as an excuse.

| Ok! So I looked through his Switch games, and the co-op games I recognised there were Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Shovel Knight. I really wish we could play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, it would be really cute, but I've seen some gameplay of it and it looks really hard to play with only two people. I have wanted to play Shovel Knight before though, and I know he really likes that game, so I'll ask him if we could play it together! Thanks for (most of) the advice!

| lovers in danger/u/ spacetime is the perfect name though lets be fair

| >>603895
Good luck, post regularly so we can give you more advice and know how its going

| >>603934
I will! He said yes to playing with me! I'm really excited! I'm also very anxious. Hopefully he doesn't notice. We'll be playing some time today after he wakes up. It'll probably be a while until he does though. He sleeps way too much.

| >>604001
The way too much sleeping is always a problem, unless you stay there kind of sleeping as much as him, but i always find it difficult, as i sleep 6-8 hours and after i woke up i can't sleep again, how did it go ?

| It was so much fun! I laughed and smiled a lot and he did too! I was probably very awkward at first and I felt really warm, so I was probably a little red, but I don't think he noticed it! I'm so happy! We couldn't play for that long because he had to leave and be with some friends. I don't remember that much about the game, but we beat the castle and the graveyard and he said yes when I asked to play again tomorrow! I was too embarrassed to hug him and stuff, but I really want to.

| I don't really remember what I said and stuff, it's very blurry and my heart was beating very fast and it was hard to focus on the game. He praised me when I beat hard parts! It felt incredible! That's the best I have felt ever! It's been an hour since he left and I'm still flustered! I'm so glad I have autocorrect to fix all the bad spelling I'm doing. I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight! I can't wait for tomorrow! I'm planning on hugging him next time we beat a boss!

| All shal be well

| you go g/u/rl!

| Ha ha ok faggot have fun

| This thread is way too pure for /d/. We need some dirty details!

| >>604086
Dirty details?

| -OP

| >>604089 yeah, something spicy

| Sorry, don't mind me, I'm just feeling horny

| >>604161
Something spicy? He's really, really handsome, and very cute, and I want cuddle with him and I really want to have sex with him. I want him to grab me and take off my clothes and oh no I'm getting way too horny. I'm sorry. I can't continue this right now. I have to, uh, yeah.

| >>604177
so how did it go today ?

| >>604199
It went super well! I did it! I hugged him! I hugged him 3 times! I'm so happy! I think there's a chance he likes me too! When I hugged him he was blushing and stuff and started stammering a bit! We had a lot of fun too! We laughed and joked a lot and holy shit! This is the happiest I think I've ever been!

| Can't wait for the moment you come out of the closet only for him to immediately denounce your degenerate ways and take pity on himself for believing that it was just strengthening family bonds

| >>604238
No! Don't say that. I was in such a good mood. It's not degenerate if we're not blood related, right? If we both love each other then it would be okay.

| I've calmed down a little now. I want to talk more about today. We played a lot more than we did yesterday. We did the 3 stages that you unlock after the first 2, and every time we beat the boss I gave him a big hug and it was awesome! It felt super good to do and it flustered him and it was really cute to see him like that it gave me hope that he likes me and now I'm so happy! It was incredible! I asked to play again and he said he had fun and that we can play again on Tuesday!

| I love him so much! I really want to kiss him next time but that's probably too fast. I should probably talk to him and stuff and be with him other than playing games but I don't know how to ask about that. Maybe I can do it after we play next time. Stay in his room and talk to him and sit really close to him and hold him and oh my god I'm getting way too ahead of myself I can't think straight! He's so perfect! I hope this works so, so much!

| >>604226
sounds like it's going very well, im happy for you.
maybe one day you could stay with him until is time to sleep and sleep there ?
also it could be a good idea to have him rest his head on your shoulder while you hug him or put your hand on his head, idk why but i always liked that, maybe it will work for you too, anyways, good luck and keep us updated.

| >>604313
That sounds really nice! Thank you! I'm way too shy right now though. I'll keep you updated! Thank you all for the advice! I would never have gotten this far without you! Thank you!

| This thread is melting my heart. wish you the best

| Search "It'll Be Ok Friendship is Witchcraft" on the youtube g/u/rl

| How do you, not, seduce your brother? Are you an idiot? You two literally should have brotherly-sisterly love since the start of life. Why do you think you have to do something extreme/something you can't think of for yourself? You have a brain, no? You should honestly kys if you don't know how to insinuate different kinds of emotions onto someone. You are literally with many different types of people your whole life, and you never knew how to seduce, at all??? I call bullshit.

| [cont.] Are people that stupid, especially on danger/u/? People are generally so helpless.

| >>604448
maybe it had some ideas but was unsure about them ? or wanted a different aproach ?

| >>604448 >>604449
Who hurt you so badly that you are fighting against love?

| >>604448
scold us more plz

| I agree with >>604448

Even if she said it rudely, it is unfathomable that OP is this deeply in love with her brother but never act on it before making this thread. And judging on how she always has a good news when being asked for an update, I am pretty sure this thread is fake.

| >>604448
That's really mean. I've never been too close with him before. Sure, we live in the same house, and we do talk to each other, but we've never played together or anything since we were 9-10 years old. No. I'm not with many different types of people, and I have never tried to seduce any of the people I'm with. I've never felt something like this so strongly before. I may not be smart, but I'm not stupid. Just new to this.

| >>604469
I've only had these feelings for a month, and I didn't fully understand them until two, three weeks ago. Acting on my feelings so quickly doesn't seem smart and I don't trust myself to make the right decisions, which is why I ask here. I'm sorry that it's going well for me. You can believe what you want, but please stop saying mean stuff and saying I should kill myself because it really hurts my feelings and I don't want you to ruin my mood today. Please.

| Seriously, if you won't drag him into bed and between your legs, then brush each others teeth. It's very intimate, and you'll have to be pressed up against him the entire time. Hold him while he brushes yours and let him hold you while you return the favor.
I bet he will have some really cute blushes~

| >>604469 honestly no one's obligated to give proof or to sound genuine for you. Take it or leave it. But honestly if you have the time to waste on scolding anons online then you probably need to get your shit together and leave.

>>604477 this is an interesting thread, keep going we gotta reach the steamy parts

| >>604487
I'm not sure I want to tell if it gets really steamy though. It would be embarrassing.

| >>604487 if you have the time to scold some anon that scolded other anon because he has too much free time, I think you should get your shit togethet and leave.

| >>604512 as someone with too much free time, let's drop the drama here, yeah?

| >>604512 well i also have the time to encourage others and to shitpost else where and probably a few minutes to cry, jokes on you
>>604506 come on we've come a long wayy

| >>604516
I feel like I've gotten really far, but I've only hugged him. I haven't even confessed yet. If I ever get that far I'll decide if I want to share or not. I'm playing with him again today though! I'm really excited for that! Hopefully more hugs!

| i know where this is going

| >>604521 thread is called "how do I seduce my brother". If you won't tell us about actual seducing it would be a huge disappointment.

| >>604525
I will talk about the seducing! I need help with the seducing! It's just that if it works it would be a little embarrassing to share the result of the seducing. I'll do it if I'm confident enough.

| It might be embarrassing, but Danger/u/ is anonymous. No need to be embarrassed :)

| It worked for once and it'll work again: ice cream

| I love him so much! Oh my god! We played again today and I just absolutely love him! I hugged him twice today! I feel so warm! He asked me to play again too! I didn't have to ask him myself! It's been an hour but I just can't calm down! When I'm home I do nothing but hug my pillow and think about him and stuff. He touched me too! He touched my shoulder when he talked to me earlier! He also hugged me back a little when I hugged him today! It wasn't just me clinging!

| I want to kiss him so bad! I want to kiss him and touch him and I want him to kiss and touch me and I want him to fuck me and hold me and talk with me and comfort me and ih my god I can't write more now I'm getting too crazy thank you so much!

| Came in expecting a troll or meme, pleasantly surprised with an oddly pure thread. Wish you the best. No need to be explicit if it makes you uncomfortable, but do be sure to tell if you hit the jackpot, yeah?

| >>604591
Thank you! Yeah, that's very accurate. I'm not comfortable with sharing explicit stuff. If I ever get so lucky I'll make sure to tell you!

| Order some food while you play. It enhances emotions or something like that can't remember but yea it helps. Personally I'd go for pizza

| >>604604
He doesn't really like eating while playing games, but you just gave me an amazing idea! When we're done with the game I can ask him to watch something with me! We could watch a movie or something and eat while we do it! If he just moved his TV a little we can sit in his together! That sounds super comfy! I would get to sit with him in his bed! I could snuggle with him and hold him and I love you! Thank you so much for the idea! I'll try my best to do it! I'm so happy!

| >>604580
maybe instead of just saying hello go for a hug and a kiss on the cheek ?

| >>604607
Don't forget to share a blanket with him while you watch movies and cling to him if you get scared!
You got this, girl! We're all cheering for you!

| >>604607 sometimes my genius is.. It's almost frightening xd
What movie genre do you think he likes though?

| >>604653
That sounds nice, but not yet. I wouldn't have any excuse.

That's what I want to do. I also want to try to hold his hand if the movie gets exciting.

I'm not really sure.

| Wow, this thread is booming
I like it ☆.☆
Finally, some good fucking food

Also, don't forget about other forms of social interaction apart from gaming and movies. Like, exchange memes, get help with some paperwork and stuff

| >>604694
I'm glad you like it! I'm not sure what you mean by food, but thank you?

He finds memes annoying a lot of the time, so I probably shouldn't do that and my school work is mostly on PC. I'll try to find ways to interact more with him though!

| Ok! So it was a little awkward but I told him that I was having a lot of fun playing games with him and asked if he wanted to watch a movie or something when we're done with the game and he said yes! I think I've never been happier in my entire life than I've been these last few days! I'm very, very thankful for all of you helping me! I want to confess to him already but I probably shouldn't, but I'm going to try to cuddle him a lot while we're watching a movie!

| Oh yea it sounds so good :3 don't forget some snacks or maybe you can prepare some if you're into these kind of things?

| don't forget to have some condoms just in case♡

| >>604807
I'm not that good at cooking, but I'll make sure to buy some.

I don't think that's necessary. I really wish it was but he doesn't even know I love him yet!

| >>604815 this thing is so pure you can't just taint it with these stuff. Even if they get to the final stafge it doesn't really concern us as long as the seducing mission is completed successfully.

| He complimented my costume! I didn't even ask if he liked it or not! He said it looks good and suits me! It was hours ago but I'm still super happy! I went as Hitagi Senjougahara from Monogatari! The costume wasn't that good but he said I looked good! Maybe that means he likes me! I want to ask him! I want to confess to him so bad!

| >>604895 don't rush it. It's normal for him to do this but it's a nice gesture but just you know don't do anything rushed

| >>604896
I won't. I'll try to hold myself together. It's probably like you said, but it still feels amazing! I'm way too anxious about asking him anyway. We'll be playing again tomorrow btw and we're either going to continue playing during the weekend or watch a movie or both and I'm so excited! I really need sleep right now but it's so hard to sleep just thinking about it!

| >>604902 ever thought he might be going crazy just like you and maybe asking friends what to do and afraid to make wrong moves since the whole thing is kind of a taboo

| >>604933
That would be incredible! I really hope that's true! If he loves me as much as I love him I'll be the happiest person in the world! If he's doing something like this I hope I find out. It would be super cute, and then I could confess to him and show him this and we could be together and start to date and kiss and cuddle and have sex and talk and support each other and get married and oh my god! You shouldn't say stuff like that! It's going to drive me crazy!

| >>604933
Is it taboo? We're not blood related at all. We're not even step siblings. I know that incest is very taboo, but it's not incest if we're not brother and sister. I do think of him as a brother, but he's not my brother biologically. It should be completely fine!

| >>604940 yes you're not related by any mean but technically you're still a part of a family, gettibg him on top of you is gonna be a problem for someone ;) anyways you gotta sleep sleep for now

| >>604946
Have squishy dreams!

| GN~

| This is fake and straight

| Even if it's fake, it's still good and entertaining

| I played with him more today! We're almost at the end now and I hugged him some more and it was just a great day again! Hugging him still makes me really warm and happy, but I want to do more now! We're watching a movie tomorrow even though we haven't finished the game, so maybe I can hold him and stuff through the whole movie! I want to talk to him more outside of when we're playing but I don't know what to talk about or how to do it, so I would really appreciate advice on that.

| >>604952
Thank you! It took some time but I had a good sleep. Well, until I had to wake up for school. The school didn't give us the day off even though it was halloween yesterday.

I didn't have any dreams but squishy dreams sounds kind of weird. I'm not sure I want that.

I'm glad that you're enjoying it! It feels kind of selfish to post so much about myself, so it's good that others are getting something out of this! It's hard to prove that it's real though.

| >>604946
Maybe it's a problem for some people, but not for me and hopefully not for him! Should I ask him about that? Should I try to ask him about what he thinks about that sort of stuff? I probably couldn't do it but is it a good idea if I'm strong enough?

| >>605075
the solution is to go camping.
two lonely people in a tent inches away from each other, in silence, hearing each other's breathing as they drift off... let him suffer the delicious agony of a cacophony of doubts, as they assail him when you lay there next to him like a sleepyhead.
and, who knows, someone might let his hands get adventurous (thinking you're asleep)

| >>605077
That sounds like a very unrealistic badly acted porn and there is no way he'd agree to go camping with me! I appreciate the suggestion but there's now way that would work!

| >>605075 nah i don't think you should mention it any time soon. Idk maybe not now, not until he shows some strong romantic gestures and then you could ask him about it hypothetically

| >>605086
If he shows strong romantic gestures then it doesn't matter right? That would mean that he thinks it's okay! I guess the reason why I want to ask him is because I'm impatient. I want to find out as soon as I can but stuff like this probably takes a lot of time.

| >>605093 indeed but the more you wait the better, i know how it feels (used to, at least). Still I'm quite sure there's this slim chance he's going through the same thing but he's just holding back uwu. So how's his school life? I'm asking for potential threats if you get me

| >>605094
I don't know. I haven't heard anything about a girlfriend and he only really hangs out with other boys, but I haven't really talked to him more than just a little for years until now. Should I ask about that?

| I think I'm too scared to do that. If it turns out he has a girlfriend I wouldn't know how to handle it. Oh my god now I'm getting really anxious. I never thought about that. He's already gone to bed and I don't want to ruin the movie time tomorrow but now I'm really scared. I never thought about that. What should I do? Why did you have to say that? I'm going to have a panic attack or something. I don't want to ask him but I should but holy shit. I can't take this. I need to sleep.

| >>605101 don't worry, even if he has a girlfriend or not, you still have a winning factor, you both live in the same house, you can wait until they break up and that's it, it's painful to wait but he will always have you as a friend/sis to rely on.

Thing you shouldn't do: asking if he likes someone, if he says yes you will die in the pain of guessing if it is really you, so don't do that question.

| >>605108 just if he has a girlfriend, whatever the answer is, yes or no, show some dissapointment, that could help into making him think you like him.
Back to "seducing" you can try telling him some similar cases like in films or something to guess what is his opinion. If you play Sims games you can "fool around" with making you and him into a relationship, that should tease him

| Or even a better idea, play Stardew Valley Co-Op (bad thing you would need two consoles of the same platform) and do cute things and eventually tell him you don't want to marry any villagers because they are ugly or something and if he let's you marry him instead.

| >>605108
I guess that's a good point, but it would hurt so much. It hurts right now and I haven't even asked him. It's impossible to not worry. I'm so fucking worried! I'm so scared that he has one. I would feel horrible trying to steal him from someone and what if they never break up?

>>605110 >>605113
I appreciate the advice but those things are not something someone would if they weren't hinting at it and I'm too scared to do something too obvious even though I want to.

| This is the cutest thing I've read in ages, holy shit. I really hope you find happiness,gurl. This is my favourite thread to check on and it always makes me smile. Reminds me of when my friends had crushes in middle school and we'd plan all these awkward operations to get the guy alone with them, lol.

| >>605124
Thank you! I won't be trying most of these operations though. They would be very awkward like you said.

I wish I could just text him and ask or wake him up but that's mean and suspicious. I want to sneak into his room and hug him and fall asleep next to him but that doesn't work. It's 2am and I still can't sleep. I'm so nervous now. I don't know how I can ask him. I would need a very big confidence boost to even get out of bed when I wake up.

| >>605126
What time does he normally wake up? Because being gently awoken by his sister is much nicer than an alarm clock. Gently rub his shoulder while softly and sweetly (and seductively) saying his name. You being the first thing he sees when he wakes up is a sight he should look forward to!

| Ah i see my questions have only raised worries. I apologise. but you need not to worry. When a guy is in a relationship it's pretty much obvious, meaning you should've noticed.
You should talk to him more about his life/day and eventually if he trusts you enough he'll start telling you stuff like these. Again no need to worry as anon said you have the upper hand above any girl, you live together. Sorry again for troubling you :(

| >>605150
It's ok. I'm still worried but you're probably right. I'll try to calm down.

That sounds really nice but he doesn't like it when people wake him up. He doesn't have an alarm today either. If he has nothing to do during the first half of the day on Saturday he just sleeps until he wakes up. It's very hard to tell when he's going to wake up or not.

| >>890d7c I think>>f205c5 has the right idea here. Doing something a little out of both your comfort zones (him not wanting people to wake him up, and you not wanting to wake him up because of that) is a great opportunity. I wouldn't recommend doing it repeatedly, but once or twice is a good idea; you'll be able to tell if he makes an exception for you. If he does, that can be a sign that he likes you back. Not only that, but coming into his room like that a step up in intimacy.

| P.S. it doesn't have to be over the top, just waking him up gently should do.

| Yeah I agree with anons. Sounds really good

| I feel like I don't even need to post here anymore! I'm just in heaven! I leaned up against him hold his arm for almost an hour! I'm not even worried anymore! I'm never going to have anxiety about anything ever again! I don't even need to tell him I love him! If I could stay like that forever I would! I could feel his breathing a little! He got a little red! I was probably super red but I don't care! I'm the happiest person!

| >>605229 yay!! Keep it up!!

| >>605229 you can stop posting anytime and give us NTR ending just like the other popular threads.

| This is oddly cute wtf


| Hope we see new threads about it soon

| >>605258 >>605278
I will continue posting. I really need the advice. I'm just so happy! I don't really know what to do anymore though. I've had the best movie night of my life and we're almost done with Shovel Knight. He said we could play Shovel Knight again today so if he doesn't wake up soon I'll try waking him up! I know he normally doesn't like it but you convinced me! By heart's beating so fast. I love my life!

| >>605290 waking up people is a bad idea, what if he is one of those who insta-punch when anything is on sight? Be careful g/u/rl!!

| >>605300
Oh no. He's not. He's really nice. Sadly he woke up around 40 minutes ago so I didn't get to do it. He would never do some like that though.

| This thread is pure gold.

| Just checking in, good to see everything going well so far!

| Sorry for not posting how it went yesterday. I've been very bummed out and you probably already know. Just read one of the earlier ones but worse.

I guess.

| So, does he have a significant other? Did you ask him yet? Or are you just worrying about it?

| >>605384
It's nothing that bad. It's just that we finished the game and I wanted to kiss him on the cheek or at least do something very special when we did it but I got too anxious and didn't even hug him and now I feel really bad about it.

| >>605387 hey come on now where's the fun if it's easy? I thought we were beyond anxiety at this point but it seems not. Don't worry about it and as we said,It should take time. If you didn't get the chance to do these things today, Do even more the next day. He isn't going anywhere. As long as you keep ur feelings sharpened he sure is yours. So please don't feel bad about it uwu

| >>605397
I feel a little less bad today but I'm so disappointed in myself. I don't know why I didn't just do it. I love him so much and this was the perfect chance to kiss him and I didn't take it. I got scared of just doing it on the cheek. I know I can't move too fast and stuff but that would have been almost normal and it could have helped me see if he likes me and I was so happy when I thought of that idea and I just messed it up.

| >>605477 don't bs so hard on yourself :c again it takes time. And who knows maybe he will be the one to do it first ;)

| >>605493
Yeah. I know. I'll try. That would be amazing if he did! I don't think he will but if he does I don't even know what I would do! I would probably hug him and kiss him and hold him forever! It was a really good chance though. Good news is that he said he wanted to do more stuff together now that we have finished the game and I'm really happy about that!

| Isn't it about time you go out together? Like for a picnic or a simple walk. An amusement park or a cinema. A cool nearby foreign cuisine or maybe just some fast food? Just ask him about his free time. I really think this step is very cool, easy and important.

| >>605500
Wouldn't it be weird asking him to go somewhere when we live together?

| Best advise is: Don't!
Will save you both alot of trouble.

| >>605509
No way! I'm not going to give up the love of my life just because it's easier!

| >>605502
Not at all! People who live together go out and do stuff together all the time!
Just make sure to bring a camera to take photos of the both of you together!

| >>605513
You just want to see the pictures don't you? I'll try to come up with something we could do together that's not weird then. Thanks!

| >>605518
You could show the pictures to friends and acquaintances and they'd say 'what a cute couple!' You could each keep a picture you two together in your wallet and purse. That way, even when you are apart, you are together.

| Going out somewhere isn't too bad an idea, but you may not want to outright suggest it. Try to sneak it into conversation if possible. For example, if he brings up a movie in conversation, sometime while talking, say that you'd like to see [blank] movie. The natural response if he wants to see a movie will be "do you want to go?" This way it isn't intrusive, yet will still narrow down his response enough to let you know if he's interested.

| >>605527
That's very cheesy and showing it to people would be very embarrassing. I also wouldn't want to ruin our first date with taking pictures and stuff. I just want to enjoy it. I'm so happy that I can say stuff like our first date so confidently! I feel like I have chance!

That sounds like a lot of work and a little hard. It also needs him to want to see a movie or something and that's not often. I think I will have to suggest it if I want it to happen.


| Troll or not, this is getting interesting

| >605550
Isn't watching a movie together considered a date? Netflix & chill style. Technically you already had your first few "dates" with him if we count the shovel Knight sessions

| Embarassing this, embarassing that. Just mat press him, I say!

| >>605569
Those weren't dates! We were just hanging out. It's not a date if it's in our house. I'll try to suggest him something today. Wish me luck!

| >>605602
>it's not a date if...
I think I know this pattern...

| I sometimes go and eat out with my bro, it's totally normal, so feel free!

| Hanging out could technically also be considered a date depending on what happens

| >>605609
I don't understand.

Oh! It's good to know that it's normal. Thanks!

I don't think so. At least not like that.

| >>605609 it's not a date if her womb is not filled with his hot stuff

| Jesus christ g/u/rls keep the hot stuff for yourselves.

| >>605518
I don't want pictures.
I want wedding invitations!

| >>605644 a little bit ahead of ourselves here yeah

| >>605644 >>605647
That's way too early! I have to focus on seducing him first! I don't think I would give wedding invitations to strangers anyway. That's a little scary.

| >>605654 you are talking on Danger/u/ already, what other risk could be higher than your brother reading all of this.

| That's not a bad point, actually. Although, this board is fairly obscure, so I don't think it's likely. Just... make sure to password protect whatever you're using to post all of this lol.

| >>605685 >>605686
He hasn't played VA-11 HALLA-A so I don't think he will. He doesn't really use any social media so even if he had played it he probably wouldn't be here. I only post on my phone so that's fine.

I didn't ask him today but I think I might have a good chance next week! My parents are visiting some friends on Wednesday next week so that means they won't make dinner and none of us can really cook so I'm going to ask him if we can go eat out together!

| I've just found this now and I must say, it makes me sad knowing I need to wait to hear more of the story! You go g/u/rl!

| This is so wholesome...also shovel knight for first coop game, the bar was set up high. Good luck g/u/rl.

| >>605758
Thank you!

Yeah, it was a very good game. I don't remember a lot of it though. I was very distracted. I don't know about any other good co-op games, so if any of you have suggestions that would be very appreciated!

| >>605794 What system do you play on?
I will just name a few
(Not all systems has coop for these games,better check if coop is available in your system)
-Crypt of the necrodancer
-Overcooked 1&2
-Battleblock theater
-Castle crasher
-Rayman Legends
-Hyper Light Drifters

| Hyper light drifters has coop?

| >>605798 >>605799
Yes! It does! I forgot about that. I only have it on PC though. Castle Crashers is good but I don't think it's very romantic, but Rayman Legends looks very fun and it looks cute to play together! I don't know if he has it but I think I'll suggest to play it since we finished Shovel Knight! Thank you!

| >>605799 I think that added in local coop in an update.

| >>605803 they*

| >>605802 few more for good measures
For “cute” games?
-Little big planet
-Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
-Human fall flat
-unravel 2(might not be as fun as others)
For Others
-EDF 4.1(hectic mindless fun)
-A way out
-Enter the gungeon
-Trine 2

| >>605805
Thanks for the suggestions! I think Rayman looks really fun though so I'll try to get him to play that with me!

| Opening this thread is like founding a lot of beer bottles without any labels and drinking them one after another hoping you will find some good one, but all of them are just non-alcoholic beers.

| Accurate.

| I asked him about the game and if he wanted to play it and hesaid he'd look into it! Hopefully he thinks it looks fun too and wants to play it too. If not I think I will ask about Cuphead. I'm not very good at sidescrolling games but it didn't take a long time to finish Shovel Knight so maybe I'm good enough now! It doesn't really matter what we play though. I just really want to be with him regularly again. I know it's only been a few days but I miss it so much already.

| You should definitely try to lean against him some more next time you play games together. That's a good starting point. Nothing like lying across his lap or anything just yet, but just having your shoulders touching or having your head against his shoulder for a bit. Give it some thought.

| >>605932
That sounds really nice! I'm not sure how to do that without it getting weird though. I'll think about it and try to figure something out. I really wanted to do something like that last time but it would have been very weird to do out of nowhere.

| The key is to only do it for a while. You don't want to seem overly clingy or make him uncomfortable, because he won't be able to shift around to get comfortable if you're against him for too long. And hey, who knows, maybe he'll even return the favor if it makes him feel relaxed.

| >>605961
That's a good idea! Thank you! I'll try that next time we play. Hopefully we will do it again tomorrow so I'll look for the right time to strike!

| Yes! I woke him up! I actually did it! He didn't get mad! I'm so happy! I woke him up to eat breakfast with is and he answered nice and he didn't get mad at me and now he's coming to eat! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

| >>606028 go for a teeth brushing next time

| >>606036
No! I don't know how I would get him to do that and I don't think Monogatari tooth brushing works in real life. I would be really happy if he did it but that sounds like something that even someone who is married would be uncomfortable to ask.

He said yes to playing Rayman! He is going to buy it tomorrow since he doesn't have a lot of money right now, and then we're going to play together again! I will try leaning against him like someone suggested! Wish me luck!

| >>606036
You know what bugged me in that scene in Monogatari? She literally ate all the toothpaste, it just pissed me off. Even if you do that please don't add any toothpaste for god sake.
Also good luck on playing Rayman! I also don't think leaning against him mid-game is too good of an idea in the beginning, try leaning after finishing a level or at the start at first.

| >>606041
Yeah I'm not going to do it mid-game. I have to be careful and time it right but I want to do it at least a little! I'll try to hug him again too! Hopefully he got used to that after Shovel Knight!

| >>605933 sneak up behind him sitting at kitchen table or something, wrap your arms around him, and say/whisper "boo" right into his ear. Ears are like directly connected to the naked soul... it's like getting inside his brain and touching his soul, but can still be played off as a joke. Plus if he doesn't freak out, you can stay like that and try to play bite him... just don't actually bite his ear off or something haha. If you get super courage, you could tell him you like him :)

| There hasn't been much talk about play fighting, but that's a fairly normal way to get touchy-feely without it being purposefully sexual. Hugging is great, but like you said, might get too clingy or awkward. Try grabbing his controller if he is too good at something and beating you... also a good way to tell if he likes you or games. If he is upset about it, he probably just likes someone to play vidja gammu with, but if it's okay that you distract him, then he likes being with you

| >>606053
I don't want to be rude but I don't think you know a lot about how people act and stuff. I think you watch too much anime and maybe fantasize too much. I could never do something like that and I don't think anyone could if they weren't crazy.

I don't want to fight with him though. I want his attention but I don't want to annoy him to get it. That's mean. I hugged him a lot when we played Shovel Knight so I'll do that this time too! Thanks for trying!

| Gotta agree. All that stuff sounds like some animu bullshit. Also, if anyone ever touched my controller while I was playing something, I'd be *immediately* annoyed. Just play it cool and work your way into things. Start with the small stuff like hugging and leaning against him, keep spending time with him if it isn't interrupting him, etc. You need to be close to him in general before you can get romantic, otherwise it won't be genuine and won't work out. Best of luck!

| >>606065
I agree! That's what I'm planning to do. Thanks!

| >>606065 what she meant by "controller" is dicc.

| >>606057 You could never do something like that, but you're trying to fuck him because you've got a crush on him?... what happens when his friends at school find out, or yours? How is my suggestion any more an anime trope than this whole charade. Go back to the roleplay forum g/u/rl... it's been fun, but the believability isn't there.

| Lol baited

| Well this has been an interesting read. Good luck I guess. I'm not gonna offer advice since I've been alone like the majority of my life but ya got this.

| >>606079 I'm pretty sure having a crush on your sibling and playing video games to get closer with them is much more believable than sneaking up on them, saying boo and biting their ear in a sexual manner

| >>606079 also its less creepy

| >>606131 is it though?... is it? Also, you could say something else to make it less creepy... like "hi". It would still work the same.

| >>606134 I don't think it matters what you say the act itself would still be creepy. It's understandable to do that with someone you're actually in a relationship with but right now op isn't at that stage yet and I feel that if she did do that it would creep her brother out and put some distance between them. Of course, that's just my assumption maybe if she did do that it would awaken something in her brother

| >>606134 >>606135
Please don't say stuff on my behalf. I don't want people fighting here.

I would never do what you said without being his girlfriend. I really wish I could do cute stuff like that but if I did he'd find it really weird and maybe start not wanting to be around me and I don't want to risk that. I wish doing stuff like that was normal but that stuff only works in anime, not in real life.

Please don't argue so much in this thread. It makes me sad.

| what the fuck am I reading?

| >>606168 wholesome technically not incest

| Any moves on him you have in mind for the coming days, OP?

| Have you asked him what sort of stuff he likes in a girl, or any questions about his romantic life? You can always play it off as you being a protective sister if he gets suspicious.

| jfc this thread exploded

| I'm sorry for not updating you yesterday. We didn't get to start playing until pretty late so I went to bed right after. It was super fun, but I wasn't brave enough to lean against him. There was a level in the game though that was a music thing where you ran and stuff in sync with music, and that was pretty intense so I took the chance to hug him after that! This game is a lot more calm than Shovel Knight though so I need to find the perfect time to lean against him.

| >>606192
No, not really. I'm having a very hard time thinking clearly so I really need advice. That's why I made this. I'm way too anxious to try to do things without thinking too much about them.

No. I haven't had a chance to talk to him without it being about video games and stuff. I really want to do it though but I need a good time to do it.

It did! I'm very surprised but also happy about it! I feel like all of you are rooting for me and want to help!

| >606244
You could lean against him during calm levels. Or alternatively during more intense ones. The latter should reinforce the feeling of beating the level together

| >>606284
Thanks! I'll keep that in mind.

| I do it! It was only a little bit but I leaned against him! It felt really nice and cosy! I think I was blushing a lot. I felt really warm and a little awkward. I felt really safe too! There was a little challenge level thing inside the level we played and I played exhausted after we beat it and leaned against him "for the bit" and it was really, really nice! I had to hold back a lot to not hug him and start snuggling against him. It wanted to do it do badly! I'm really happy!

| >>890d7c I don't have much advice to provide here,but I'm rooting for you

| maybe if you like the same songs you can sing together.
that always feel great when i sing along with others.

| I think I'll have to stop posting updates here. I'm really sorry. I can't do it anymore.

| >>606510 yo what's OP?

| >>606514
Do you remember when I talked about my parents visiting some friends and us eating out together? That got delayed by two days. We're eating out together tomorrow, and he asked if he could bring his girlfriend. I want to die. I managed to hold it together when we were talking but now I can't stop crying. Looking at this thread is so painful now. I don't know what to do. I don't want help. Nothing is going to ever fucking help.

| Oh shit. That must be an insanely painful feeling, praying for you, OP

| Yeesh that's a hard one.

| If there is anything left, I would honestly just tell him how you feel, especially if he's wondering why you would be crying so much. It might seem like a bad idea, but just go for it. It would get the message for sure across, and then you two would have to talk it out afterwards, but if you want any advice, it'd be that

I know what it feels like g/u/rl, it's a simular thing has happened to me too. Hope you make it <3

| Yum, NTR ending. Just how like it suppose to be.

| Well, that certainly sucks, but you know, they are probably not together forever, if that helps.
It's also ok to cry, don't shame yourself, you cleanse your soul with tears.
If you aren't giving up, I would recommend keep building up bonds between you two. You'll have a higher chance next time that way. Or you may look into some of the other. Look around, someone else might have a crush on you.

| Just know there are g/u/rls here rooting for you. Take your time, but don't let it ruin you. Good luck!

| We already told you to just mat press him to assert your dominance. If you did it, you can send the pics/vid to the girlfriend. Too bad you didn't listen.

| ^^^don't listen

| >>606538
Listen to this girl!
Build your relationship so when his current attention is once again vacant, you are there to be better than anyone he has ever considered.

| Boy, I told you this degenerate shit ain't gonna cut it. Good for the guy, he's not a southerner unlike some weeb ass op.

| >>606572 but it's "technically" not incest tho.

| >>606573 still family. Don't need to be blood-related, it's the bond that matters.

| >>890d7c ...damn, I hope you're alright. Do take care, and we're here (majority at least) for you.

| yes it ended finally!

| OP, you are so pure, you came here in advice of just fucking your brother and you ended being in love. Love hurts and we all support you because we all have been there, you are not alone and you don't need to stick to this thread if it is hurting you so much, you can make a new thread were we can shit about love, it's beautiful but painful, unlike friendship <3

One day as a lover you'll know you wish the best for the one you love

| OP, I wish it didn't have to end like this. I really was rooting for you every day. I hope things turn up for you soon.

| God, I hope OP walks in on her brother getting funky with his girlfriend. Also, are you still tearing up? Mind sending pics? I want to see them sweet syrup

| Holy shit you guys are fucking toxic
I now fell bad for op

| Just 21 more and we got 250 in this thread

| Well, this fell apart quickly. In all honesty, I'm not surprised, but I am still disappointed. It's no help that there are so many dickheads in this thread. Continuing to post here is likely a bad idea, OP. Just take it easy and figure things out for now. Maybe come back if things improve somehow. Anyway, best regards. Take care.

| I stayed home from school and he noticed. He came late to school because he was comforting me. I almost told him. I've been reading your replies throughout the day. Thanks for the support. It really means a lot. I'm leaving for dinner with them in an hour. I hope that somehow helps.

| Inb4 he wanted a 3way

| >>606616 keep the satisfying dissapointment train going g/u/rl. I want to hear all the gut-wretching, depression-inducing (for you of course) details of their interactions.

| Please please pleaaaaase try to tell him after dinner or something, of course when you two are alone

| >>70af74 Go back to 4chan lol

| >>606633 I'm not that bad, cmon

| >>70af74 no, you are that bad

| >>606654
She is right, you are awful.
Leave the poor girl alone.

| She was so nice. I don't know how to feel anymore. I'm happy that he's dating someone nice. I also want them to break up so fucking badly and I feel guilty about it. I don't know what to do other than just cry.

| I think you should just tell him, since you don't have anything to lose anyway

| Start reading a lot of NTR doujins, OP. You'll thank me later.

| >>890d7c drugging is always an option, oh, and disposing of the opposition

| >606659
All jokes aside, I think we all want to know how the story will go on. Please update us once you've got a clear mind and thought things over.

| I didn't go to school today either. I needed another day. I haven't told him yet. I think I should do it soon. Maybe this weekend.

I will. I hope it'll help me feel a little better. I didn't cry as much today but it still hurts a lot.

I will. Maybe I can make a new thread when I feel a little better. This one is almost full.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and wanted to help. It was really nice of you. I'm sorry I couldn't do it.

| >>606787 You still did a great job, most of us weren't even close to what you had with your brother, so nothing to be sorry about. You had the experience and shared it here for all of us to learn. You should know that you are awesome and even inspire me to try my chances with my sister (also not blood related). Good luck!

| >606787
Don't apologise for it lmao.
It's not like any of this is your fault.

We should be thanking you for sharing this unique experience, and as such, good entertainment

| >>606788
Thank you. That's too nice of you. Good luck with your sister! I hope you can do it!

No. Don't thank me. I'm glad that you could get something out of it. Thank you.

| Ah yes, the stunning and brave inspiring the incestuous soup to spread forth. Y'know, I'd joke about Alabama, if it were one.

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