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how much flexibility is required for bondage

| I'm looking at some "hardcore" bondage forms like the "reverse prayer" among others.

I can't tell if these are supposed to hurt (!) or people who does bondage train their body to be flexible for this purpose. I'm interested in bondage but my mind (and body) is nowhere nearly prepared for this type of thing?? Please share your knowledge.

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| Level 24 with at least B-tier equipment

| Stretching and flexibility helps. Start with the simple stuff anf work your way up or you will hurt yourself. Remember, if you lose feeling, stop immediately and untie.

| Bondage is supposed to feel good. This is why you use special ropes, tie special knots, and take special safety precautions. Be careful g/u/rl, and before you do anything, make sure you educate yourself thoroughly.

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I feel like I need a teacher.. and a partner.. and a teacher for my partner. Thanks for the tips!

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Where in the world are you, I might be able to recommend someone.

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