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Any place to download huge packs of doujuns? (torrentless)

| Evenin', mah gurls. Interested to create a small offline doujin library just in case of troubles with Internet connection. Used to read them online at nhentai. Now started to look for packs (all from one artist, for example) and got a little disappointed and confused. Any good site with google drive, mega or other torrentless links? Can't use torrent because of reasons

| Tell reasons, or gtfo.

| hang around on 4chan, sometimes they leak it on the yaoi or hentai ones

| I have my own collection on google drive if you interested 9 or 11 gb i think

| >>600298 that would be awesome, thanks! You can send the link to napata1 at protonmail.com

| >>600401 i will sent it to you once i done reupload this to google drive

| alternatively get rip.me and try ripping stuff from nhentai

| >>600401 i sent it to you with the subject name 'fanmade japanese comic in bulk'

| So you'd rather post your email here than using torrent? Who hurt you, OP?

| Get tamper monkey and there's a script to download from e- or sadpanda, use that for anything you can't find elsewhere

| >>600430 got, thanks a lot! Appreciate that

>>600532 you hurt me. With your words. I've created this email just for this ocasion

| Not trying to be mean, just for my own interest:
the f*** kinda reason u got to have to avoid torrents when it comes to doujins? Movies, music, all right. But doujins?
I torrented them almost daily for about a decade, never had problems.
Its by far the easiest way, even if you use the downsampled nhentai ones (which i only recommend in an absolute worst case scenario)

But otherwise, wish you a good hunt gurl. Hope you find what you're looking for

| I read doujins with tachiyomiEH which let's you download whatever you want, currently sitting on several gigs from ehentai and nhentai.

| >>600815 don't forget it's not on the Google play store the ones on there are malware

| ive heard that the image quality is better on sadpanda than on nhentai

| since you guys want to recommend torrent so badly, where can i get gigs of translated doujins via torrent? not OP of course

| Sadpanda and nyaa.si should cover all your needs. And if there is something missing try the hitomidownloader for Hitomi.la, they provide a better resolution than nhentai as well (and CG Sets).
And If everything fails (in case of older unseeded tankoubons etc.) use the nhentai torrents.
But remember that nhentai seriously downsamples while just ripping off sadpanda. So i see them more like a bad failsave for tanks,wani and fakku stuff rather than a true alternative.

| >>601229
thanks you're a true Hentai Scholar

| hitomi.la makes it really easy to download doujins, not in packs though. But it's still an option - just search for the artist and english language simultaneously and open all the stuff in new tabs, clicking "download" on them. Just don't forget to use adblock.

| The direct download on hitomi.la took forever in my case (maybe because i used it throughout the pandapocalypse) so if you are somewhat impatient or have other issues with it i still recommend the Hitomidownloader.
Open the doujins you want and copy the url into the downloader. Works like a charm. It downloads everything in bulk, is fast, pretty reliable and you can set the downloaddestination etc.
And best of all, if something fails you can just restart an entry with two clicks.

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