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Object to lose virginity to (F)

| I've decided. I'll lose my virginity to some object tonight. But I don't have any dildo or so rn, so what'd work instead? (am g/u/rl) Is some vegetable a real option?

| Yes cucumber or some vegetable that won't break inside you is in option, but wouldn't reccomend. Perhaps a hairbrush with a jelly-ish handle would be easier

| a penis

| >>600029
Find another g/u/rl, but don't call her an object unless she's into that spot of thing.

| You don't need to lose your virginity if you have a shaft vibrator rod.

| a rusty nail for you to bleed with pleasure

| an electric toothbrush isn't bad if it has a decent shape.

| You won't lose virginity if you simply put something inside your vagener. You don't even know what that means.

| >>600306 Virginity is a subjective term- generally as a society we view it when the peen enters the vajooj but some people view it in other ways, for instance- masturbation being a way to lose your virginity

| >>600367
w h a t

maybe OP is referring to hymens

| >>600367
That's literally untrue, it's not a subjective term at all.

| >>600367
It doesn't necessarily have to be a peen either. The point is in having another person doing it with you.

| try putting a peepee in there, it might work

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This thread is permanently archived