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Am I turning into full on gay?!?

| The female body doesn't turn me on so easily anymore. I need something long.. and warm and meaty.. if you know what I mean?

| I love sex.

| >>599847 you need caramel in you life right?

| >>599847 Look, I'm just gonna cut to the chase here; have you thought about sucking a dick? Because the only surefire way to know if you like sucking dick is to go suck yourself a dick.

Warning; results may vary.

| >>599877
No bf no life. There are escort but I don't want sti

Sure pass me that caramel I need it

| >>599890
Ask one of the girls here if they'll loan you their bf. Some of us would love to see you on your knees~

| >>599890
You don't need a bf to suck dick, and escorts aren't your only hope either. Just gather up whatever tattered shreds of charisma you have, go out, find a guy you think looks cute, and then explain your situation to them.

The worst that can happen is they say no. And if they don't, then hey, you can find out whether or not you like dick.

| Never question your sexuality
That sets off the gay cult alarms and they will try to convert you
It's like how sharks can sense small amounts of blood in the ocean

| Just cut off your dick and balls, so that it is no longer gay for you to like dick and balls.

| >>599908
Wise words

| >>599909
And who said I'm not the gay cult ??!?

| >>599908
Good advice. It doesn't really work in my culture, but it gives me hope.

| >>599980
Go to Thailand and get a ladyboy, that way it's only half-gay.

| >>599893
do want
any gurls want me to go down on their bf?

| I've often thought myself that I've wanted to try sucking another guy's dick, but the thought of the human interaction necessary to get to the point where I would be kneeling in front of a guy terrifies me.

| >>600091 lady boys are traps so not gay at all.

| >>600241
You can borrow mine, he won't mind.

Practice with dildos first. You miss out on the smell and heat, but it gets you used to being on your knees~

| >>600241 >>600409
tell me more

| >>600409
I'll look into getting one so I can try it, but I meant I'm more scared of the social aspects of getting to where I can suck a real dick, I can barely even hold a normal conversation with someone I don't know, I'll just stick with a dildo and my imagination.

| >>600456
you're a fetish just the way you are
if i knew you i'd just push you down by the shoulders and poke my stuff in your face no words pronounced

| >>600522
I'm a fetish? Did you mean to say "you're fine the way you are"? Or are you talking about something I don't get?

| >>2dd801 I think its their way of saying that you're cute and they'd let you use them to experiment. Submissive-experimental people are some of the cutest out there anyways, because of their willingness to learn and try new things.

So, hey, don't give up hope. Clearly there's already people that would be willing to help, so maybe you'll get lucky and find a nice guy willing to let you see for yourself~

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