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| Why does my sister and some of her friends gotta look so good? Can't they let me go one day without thinking about fucking them? Please! It's not much I ask for! Just don't be so attractive goddamnit!!!

| Seduce one of her friends

| >>599799
I would love to, but I think that's very illegal due to the age difference. I really want to though, but even if I were to go against laws and morals, I have no idea how to go about doing it.

| Move away

| Give them cummies ice cream

| >>599823
I've got school here for the next year, maybe two, and all my friends live here. Moving would be shit.

| >>599408
If she's that young, tell her mother you've overheard people talk about her and her friends in sexual ways. Since you don't want to bring up an awkward conversation with her, have her mother talk to her about her attitude and attire, because you don't want your sister to get hurt.

| Photos please

| Is this the same OP who made 2 threads "joking" about how she's "accidentally" attracted to her own little sister and then get angery when people call her out as a pedo? Oh yeah one of the thread was about feeding her sister ice cream cummies; is that you, OP?

| >>599917
I never got angry, I'm basically pedo and I never said anything about it being accidental. You seem to have misunderstood what I've been saying, but yes, that's me.

My mother knows I'm attracted to girls her age, so that lie wouldn't go well.

| >>599923 then, just do it, coward

| >>599936
Second zis
Do it fgt

| >>599936
It's fucked up though. They're still around four years away from being legal, and the age of consent here is less than other places. Don't get me wrong, I'd absolutely love to do it, but it's very illegal and could be harmful for them, and I don't want to ruin their lives when I have these kinds of feelings for them.

| im sorry you have to experience that temption. i can only suggest being mindful of your libido, and taking care of it on your own as needed. i dont recommend allowing yourself to fantasize about your sister or her friends, as it might just make dealing with this more painful or difficult for you.

| >>599993
Thank you. It's probably a good idea not to fantasize about it, yeah, but I can't help it. When I watch/read porn/hentai now I'll halfway through just completely ignore it because my mind automatically switches over to those kinds of thoughts, and they're a lot better than whatever I'm looking at. Imagining it also makes me really happy most of the time, and happiness is kind of rare for me, so allowing myself to do it is extremely tempting.

| Murder them, then you won't have to see them anymore

| >>599923
Ahh. You should go ask God's forgiveness in person, then.

| >>600094
After that remember to give sister and her friends some cummies ice cream.

| >>600106
Nah bro. I almost overdosed on that last time I made it. Shits dangerous.

Could you give me their address or something? I'm not sure where to find them.

| >>599953
how old is she? like twelve? it's the best age to be real with you

| >>600239
Around twelve, yeah, and I agree. It 100% is the best age.

| >>600242
do you do lewd things with her in your head?

| >>600243
Yes. I do.

| >>600245

| Leave now and never come back.

| >>600411
Nah. Fuck that.

| Murder is the only way, kill your mother, get the girls

| >>600425
That would kind of fuck me over for the rest of my life though. There's nowhere I could take them and live with them, they probably wouldn't want to live with me and I like my mom.

| >>600432 dude, just wait. Maybe in decade or two there will be totally human-like androids

| >>600448
I really hope so! Dorothy style lilims or something, that don't only look and act realistic but are also socially acceptable. If that ever becomes a thing I'm 100% getting one. Even if it isn't accepted by most people I'd get one. Nobody gets hurt and I get to date a cute girl who doesn't age physically unless I want her to. It would be perfect.

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