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I do(not) like to make porn of myself

| Some friends of mine last year told me i had a fine ass, *none of us is or was homo*
I never really payed attention to it, but one night i was really horny and i had bought some yoga pants, im aware my thighs/ass is way thiccer for a regular dude
Anyways i joined a Tomgirl discord server abd guess what!? People liked it!
I like the feeling that someone is getting off to those pics, it gets me horny ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| Anyways i wanted to get that off my chest, if any of yall are interested ask for my discord :p, have viewer discretion tho -_-

| You have my interest, stranger

| I love sex.

| Here's my discord tag

| i saw a link to this thread written on a ladies room stall, it said for some good boi butts go here.

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This thread is permanently archived