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do you ever see someone and go wow they are hot

| so this really tall gurl transferred into class and she’s is really pretty and tall.
I want her to step on me with her long legs and crush me with her body

I didn’t even realize I had a thing for tall girls like what?! g/u/rls y’all ever have a similar experience ???

| hahhahah, i feel you sometimes. But i remember i'm out of their league. So.

| Yep, then I proceeded to get as far away as possible because I am a creep that keeps gawking at her pretty face... :(

| it's peculiar but i'm only attracted to white people

they can be so hot

| >>594555 sub with racial dynamics, is that you my good gurl?

| I do that every time I looked at the mirror (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

| >>594557
uuuh yeah actually
i'm happy not everyone forgot me!
no way for me to prove it though

| >>594565
to prove that it's me i mean

| >>594558 wow that's some selfcest material right here

| Yeah, but they're always little girls, so I can't really do anything other than just admire them and be stunned by how hot they are until they leave, and then I'll probably never see them again. Seeing someone like that really makes my day though.

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This thread is permanently archived