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Not fapping for 3 days has made me so horny

| i'm gonna go to sleep "early" to masturbate for a solid hour

| anyone else get that feeling sometimes ?

| I love sex.

| Yep, I try to hold back on fapping for a few days so when I do it again it feels more pleasant

| Just stop wattching porn all day everyday

| I think it’s healthier if you don’t fap all the time but then again I don’t follow my own advice very often so what do I know lol

| Idk man, I like not fapping all the time. I usually give it a couple days unless I just absolutely can't. I get bored with it if I do it every day. If I space it out then it feels better to me honestly

| op here, what the heck..... do you guys like not fap for an entire week or something.... how the heck do you do that ...

>>594366 i get this
>>594361 get out>you guys are killing /u/ :(
>>594361 but i <3 u too i guess
>>594460 howmuchisallthetime

| >>594492 by all the time, I mean daily. When I was fapping daily, over time it started feeling more like a chore. So now I do it once or twice every other day for the most part. Sometimes ill wait 2 or 3 days. Everyones different, but for me its more pleasurable if I space it out.

| day

| Wow it really just deleted everything I typed except the word "day".

What I tried to type is that the majority my friends who openly talk about fapping say that they do it every day. And a few of them say they do it several times every day. To me, it just gets tiring/boring to do it every day

| Only do it when your horny for something specific helps I find, sometimes it's not that I'm really horny but board or hungry and if I can't think of like what I want to see porn wise I just go make a sandwich

| >>594505 I do twice in a day pretty often. I like taking breaks but I can't ever make it more than one day before I get too pent up.

| >>594512 xd u actually speak the truth dude....
this guy --> has transcended beyond us, he stops his sexual desire w/ a sandwich. I have respect for you bruh...

(captchan called me a beta...how true.)

| >>594505 interesting

| >>594553 I mean I'm not saying the sandwich makes you not horny but for me if there's not a category or tag that I want to see then I'm probably board or hungry more so than really horny, making a sandwich takes your mind off of it and makes you not hungry so you'll ether A) not feel like jerking off all the time or B) figure out what it is you want specifically, and enjoy it more

| Use one of these and experience the feeling of creating something so that you may penetrate it (is a really REALLY good/weird feeling)


I personally recommend numba #3, cuz i believe its the most accessible one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| >>594829 is there any method that require no lube?

| >>594977 if there was i wouldn't recommend it, if you want to but can't get some just buy coconut oil, it can be used for cooking, just tell someone to buy it for you cuz you wanna cook something "special" and afterwards lube your "creation" and enjoy

| >>595182 thanks, I have coconut and corn oil at home. I have no problem getting lube, it just feels so much more inconvinient, having to use lube and having to do extra cleaning after each session.

| >>595280 water based lube cleans up faster than any oil based lube since you just wash it off with water

| >>595280 that's the point my g/u/rl the fact that it takes more time and preparation makes your bustibg more special and enjoyable, if you are using coconut oil melt it first, it makes everything easier

| >>595336 I'll consider it if it is a special thing that you do once every months. But if it's a thing that you do once every 2-3 days, that's too much effort.

| Yea Because if you use a glove in order to clean it you have to disarm it completely and use a new glove, so i wouldn't recommend do it regularly, it makes it more special

| I almost fapped earlier, had a raging boner too, but I decided to just drink my coffee then move on with my morning.

| >>595694 why not both?

| last time i fapped was something like 30 august

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