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Trap shaving guides?

| Any tips or good methods for getting rid of and stopping hair on l-lewd areas as well as thighs..?
Saw the surfboardpotato guide a while ago but can't find it on my drive

| Step 1 - get a sharp razor
Step 2 - use shaving cream on the area you want to shave
Step 3 - cut your throat and die fucking tranny

| >>f65279 on it

| >>594078
fuck off edgelord.
also trap =/= trans

| >>594077
Shaving tips.
I find best to shave in the shower for legs and stuff.
shaving cream and run against the grain for smoothest result.
however the pubic area have to do with the grain since it's sensitive to bumps.
Other than that there is no guide I can find.

| >>594077 It's a bit on the more pricey end but Laser hair removal, take some sessions in office and after a few of those on your leg area, start using an at home kit, the only issue is again it's real pricey

| >>594121
Yeah, but at the very least it means it'll stay smooth for a long while.
but yeah I think a removal session here is about 1000 USD.

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This thread is permanently archived