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What happened to Lewd-chan and Lewd-Drawer?

| I remember a while back there were some anons who had massive mega-threads where people would request things and they would draw them.

Do they have a Twitter or something?

| Yes both are on Twitter




| Better question: which t-doll from gfl should I lewd?


| >>593280
Oh fuck yeah! UMP9 would be the only correct answer judging by every thread I've seen the past weeks.

| >>593280 have you ever consider to lewd actual gun?

| Can I say Jill for the meme? :P

But how about g11 or for someone less common g3

| https://i.imgur.com/V2pCdeF.png
here we go again

| >>593382 oh my gosh!!!
ur back

| On one hand I feel bad since that means I had a 3/4 chance of getting something I said but on the other hand this is such a good lewd meme image

| I had one afternoon and I had to lewd a gun due to an unsolicited sassy thing I said. don't worry too much about it

>>593408 hey!! hows it going?

| oh, but I hope you like it anyway!

| >>0cb7e0
Great job LD~ She cute ! I'd join in on the lewd gfl fun but I've got a commission coming up so I'll be a bit busy with that~ Still though, nice to see that some of you g/u/rls still remember us~

| >>8a486c
thanks lewd-chan! can we expect a futa wa2000 in the future? *audible wink*

| >>0cb7e0
If the game ever decides to give her to me instead of just about every other RF, sure~

| Omg they are back

| LD, can you draw a lewd mosquito for "Idea" thread

| >>593768

| Oh yay you're back 'v'

| Girls Frontline turned out to be a really great gacha. I haven't been so invested in one since Ayakashi: Ghost Guild shut down. Really fucking pissed I only got Dana and Alma due to time constraints though.
Oh, and welcome back Lew/d/ers. I thought you guys had forgotten about us. Particularly you, LD.
Also, I can't decide whether I prefer Agent or PPK, so either is fine.

| Makes me wonder where Gr/a/pe went, they also used to make good art on /a/
probably in the danger/u/ discord server


| I've never seen Gr/a/pe's art before. Post please.

| ^ me neither. Also, I miss Gr/a/pe...

| Man, this thread is like a family reunion... -ACB

| Indeed, though it'll be interesting to see how long it lives

| gotta love this mentality

| >>595008
good one. becoming a meme is probably my biggest achievement so far.
-a g/u/rl

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