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Catching girls in the toilet

| Doujin: *awkward sexual encounter*

My brain: "ew girl lock the door I shouldn't need to smell your poop"

Your brain: "why wouldn't you want to smell her poop?!"

| Wait, what is this infamy?

| OP's situation doean't make any sense because girls don't poop

| >>590847
My thoughts exactly

| Wouldn't mind reading some scat doujins right about now.

| >>590880 wait, they poop?!

| >>591117
Fear not, poop is not produced by women in the first place, it is strictly a product of men's high testosterone levels.
Since we're all g/u/rls in here, we should know this for a fact.

Unless >>590680 and>>591117 are both infiltrators sent to destroy this site...

| >>591160 youre all wrong wtf, women do poop where do u think cinnamon comes from

| >>591273 cinnamon comes from trannies, because they're incomplete women
Too feminine to have normal poop but not womanly enough to stop completely

| I'm kinkshaming.

| >>591273
700% actual facts and reason, thank /u/ very much

| ^

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This thread is permanently archived