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lets fight to see which is the best booru

| Danbooru is fast, has more quality control than any booru but requires you to pay to see loli shit but you know what? I aint a lolicon so this is not even a problem. I felt annoyed that I had to add -loli and -shota all the time on Gelbooru (third party app) plus, it's ad-free.

| https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hCqYJXAbSaE

| > not allowing fringe fetish
> "quality control"
i ain't buying that shit

| sankaku complex has the "fringe" content i like but to access it you need to make a free account and that is kind of frustrating.

gelbooru purged that fringe stuff to appease advertisers... loli is hidden by default on gelbooru but can be unhidden WITHOUT an account.

i dont know which i dislike the least.

| Im a sankaku man as that Fringe content is good. (Not all of it some is horrid)

| Danbooru has keyboard controls. This alone is enough to properly pwn all the others, except for yandere which collects only print-quality pics.

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This thread is permanently archived