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Any way to find deleted deviantart images?

| One of my favorite artists had quit drawing and.. man, it's sad, he used to draw the most ideal butt that I have ever seen (although you will probably disagree but holy frick. . .)
I will not post the name of the artist here tho i have advertised this textboard to my friends and they'll recognize me right away due to me being such a [REDACTED]fucker

| I can't find them on his Twitter account
Neither in their Newsground account
I'm fucking crying, the artist reposted everything except THAT PERFECT BUTT
How am I going to live without that perfect fuzzy butt?

| And that's why you should hoard copies of your favorite porn/lewds on a secret folder

| Fuzzy butt OwO

| In the recycling bin.

| Internet archive, Google cache, find even a thumbnail and you can reverse image search it, but this is indeed why you collect your porn.

artists have pulled art for many reasons but on pixiv it's pulling all lewds when you try and get an industry job, on deviant art it's because someone stole your Sonic recolor but basically the same thing

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This thread is permanently archived