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Who loves sex?

| You've been waiting for this question for all eternity. Here is your time to shine. Tell us!

| Everyone, me included

| It's overrated. But yeah, sex is fun, specially if you do it with friends.

| I love sex.

| >>588005 YES!

| I don't really. I'm pretty "asexual" I guess, meaning I just dont really have sexual urges. I still do stuff with my s.o because I love them and I want them happy, but it doesn't really do anything for me

| >>588005 YES!

| >>588005 YES!

| sex

| >>588005

| >>588005 YES!

| >>588005 https://i.imgur.com/crRAmWX.png

| ive never had sex and i never will so i cant help answer the question

| silly goyim! sex is not a vital aspect of life do not fall for the sex pill (⌒‿⌒)

| can't love what I never done right?

| Bold of you to assume I have ex life.

| Does handholding already count as sex here?

| >>589100
You fucking degenerate (|||゚д゚)

| M>>589057 it aint aiming at you tho...
Also Captcha-san says "peter ride wanna". Nice

| I love sex!!!! I want sex inside me. I wanna fuck sex all day. I want sex to cum inside me! Broke my hips, fill me up so badly!!!

| I love sex. I love being claimed as property.

| Everyone loves sex, but not much people can fuck.

| >>fa9bb2 bravo

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This thread is permanently archived