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Safest way to torrent down some doujins?

| Well, let’s say we have a lonely anon, living in a country, where cute anime gurls are forbidden by the law. However, he cant calm down his love for 2d-girls. Also he might be slightly paranoid. What's the best and safest way for him to download some doujins, videos and games through torrent? He's thinking about using powerful WiFi antenna to find some open WiFi spots and use them, but maybe it's not ideal?..

| >>587674 >forbidden... what

I recommend nyaa site or pirating sites like myreadingmanga.info for bl

captcha San allowed our God lenny to visit me

| op just always use a vpn when torrenting. also make sure that the vpn supports torrenting. Personally, I use ProtonVPN, which is free. If you want, you can go sit down in a place with free wifi and be there with a laptop for a few minutes, but if you are downloading something really big you might have to do it on a home connection.

| vpn would be safest way to download. depending on your level of paranoia, you may need to use encryption to hide the files, in which case i believe veracrypt is the current go-to software on windows. idk mac.

also, if you are sufficiently paranoid, youll want to be sure you are using that vpn when browsing the web to find the torrents to download. that way the government doesnt see you are visiting illegalanimeporn.biz

| >>587679 anon is not a fan of bl, but thanks, he will look into those websites once he will get the security done

>>587681 thanks! Anon still wants to try using a huge antenna to connect to some open WiFi spots, but he will use Proton vpn with that. He's thinking free version is preferable since he doesn't want to leave money trace

| >>587683 thanks, encryption topic is interesting! Though anon thinks he will be using a dedicated ssd both for storage and booting - as he guesses, encryption doesn't go well with booting a system... Ssd will be disassebled, case makes it much bigger and prevents access to chips. Most of the time ssd will be hidden in a safe place. If things go south, anon will just take it out and penetrate memory chip with an awl or something like that.

| >>587683 his paranoid is sufficient enough. Using vpn while browsing is sure thing, but thank you for your concern!

| Pretty sure op is talking about Loli

Op veracrypt is a full disk encryption software and you can actually use it to boot windows, however there's a good chance that if you get caught doing anything illegal they'll just force you to give up the password. Everyone's a tough guy until they pull out the tire iron. A VPN is a good idea but you move the trust required from your isp to your VPN provider so make sure you actually trust them. 1/2

| Just do it in the open and if someone says it's illegal just say "this woman is 300 years old, bitch"

| Some torrent clients have a history of leaking your public IP with a VPN anyway so make sure it's setup properly.

Open wifi can be good or bad, it's slow so it'll take longer, you look sketchy with that big antenna hanging out your window, if you have to go there that means your sitting in public while breaking the law etc but it makes it harder to trace you especially if you spoof your Mac address

| I assume your not from the us op or I would add some other legal info

| >>587722 nah, well, not exactly. In op's country schoolgirl uniforms equals c p. I mean it, if you'll hire an old hack hooker and ask her to wear a schoolgirl skirt - it equates with pedophilia. Good thing almost nobody takes new law seriously, but paranoia is paranoia. And in anime, you know... Schoolgirls are everywhere.

>>587724 thanks, any tips about setting up properly?

As you might figure out now, op's not a us citizen

| >>587690
actually you CAN have an encrypted boot device. if thats something you are interested in, you might do some research. its rather easy on Linux with dm-crypt (some distros even walk you through it in the guided installation process). you probably cant do it to an already existing operating system though.

now if encryption is a no-no in your country you might be better off just using something like veracrypt to encrypt a hidden volume, or just not use crypto at all i guess.

| oh, i do also know for a fact a few people put up a bunch of doujins you can download over tor on zeronet. if the Chinese can use that network without getting caught, you can too. just configure the client in tor-only/tor-always mode.

| Honestly op I use qbittorrent I believe there's check boxes that let you disable anything not going over the VPN but I don't torrent anything I'd need a VPN for anyway so you might need to look elsewhere

| >>587766 got it, thanks

| >>587763 >>587763 anon's wanna try out koikatsu game, so Linux is a no-go. About encryption - he thinks it's easier and safer to just keep the ssd disassembled next to a hammer, when he's not "using" it.

Client - you mean that Firefox-tor browser? He is using "the safest" option in security settings, is that it?..

| >>587771
it's a bit hard to explain. zeronet is this peer to peer network software. it's not anonymous by default, but has the ability to run it over the tor network to add a layer of anonymity. you can configure the zeronet client to run in tor-only mode (no clearnet traffic). at any rate, the doujin selection won't be amazing or anything, but considering how many chinese citizens are on zeronet i couldn't help but think it to be a safe method to download the doujins you seek.

| >>587771
koikatsu might work on linux with wine. but then again it might not, and maybe it's not worth it for you to take that risk.

| I repeat that veracrypt 100% works on a Windows boot drive and you can do it at any time after you've got windows installed, just enter your password on boot and windows will start up

| Why even waste time torrenting doujinshi when you can just download it normally unless you want something weird or taboo.

| Everyone say it with me. If the product is free...

| >>587776 ah, anon sees! He's never heard of zeronet before. Thanks, worth looking into that

>>587839 it's not about doujins only... It's about doujins, videos, games. Koikatsu's weight is like 15+gb. Much easier to use torrent for it. Also, this way you can get the game and lots of mods at once. No need to download them separately from shady looking websites

>>587842 suggestions?

| >>587835 ok, than it won't hurt to look into that! Thanks!

| >>587867 can't help you, anon. But if you are going to torrent a koikatsu repack, make sure it is the one by betterrepack

| Something else you can do but isn't required is get a sandbox of some sort I currently use rehips but it's not really meant to be used like a sandbox, sandboxie was good but it's just too old and you can't even buy a lifetime license anymore, there's a few others I've heard of like shade but I've never used it.

You can use those to isolate it from the rest of your PC and prevent whatever's inside from calling home if that's something you're worried about

| >>587882 anon appreciates your advice!

>>587897 thanks, but it sounds a little bit too advanced... And anon doesn't think that something from his ssd will call home

| this thread alone is enough evidence for anon's country to convict them if they're in that much danger of being caught.

| >>588022 you're not helping anon's paranoia

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