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Does anyone else have a fetish for tired girls?

| Like, tired or sleepy.
For example - maho hiyajo from steins gate 0.
She always seems so tired or sleepy.
I find it so cute.
Not tired in a way that everything would irritate them, but when they are just done. With "i give up" expression on their faces.
I feel like this kind of girl is so chill to have around.

| >>587179 so you want to fuc em or I feel like you just want that kind of friend ?

| >587188 yeah i want to fuck them.
Like for example. You are dating this kind of girl and say to her like "Let's fuck". And she has this kinda expression on her face as i described and says like "fine, whatever".

But ultimately, i would just feel more comfortable with this kind of person.

| N-no... -starts sleeping-

| >>587190 why would a tired girl ever have sex with you if she can go straight to sleep.
btw captcha is so tiring

| >>587202 the point is, she actually wants to fuck, but she's tired and she agees with slight reluctance

| you mean rape

| >>587227 it's not rape if they consent.
Though it is unfair to take advantage of their weakened state, knowing they will consent more easily, it's not rape because they consented and are not under the effect of chemical substances that cloud their judgment.

| oh so like mature mellow girl who has sex alot but enjoys it regularly to the point it becomes kind of normal

| >>587335 yeah this is what i meant

| >>587335
I've seen this somewhere in mai doujins.

| >>587310 iT's NOt raPe iF THeY cOnsENt

It's not blue if it's the sky.

| >>587443 so any form of sex is rape if you regret it later?
That's really stupid to say.

IMO if it follows these rules I'm almost sure it's not rape
> it's consensual
> no one was under substances that cloud judgment
> no threat or blackmail was used to get consent
> no one was forced to consent
> both sides are legal age(I count pedophilia as rape, kids aren't ready to make such decisions and acts)

But all this stuff is pretty obvious

| You guys would love my gf, she's always tired and it's annoying as hell to me. I've almost broken up with her over it numerous times.

| >>587448 I don't think you understand all sex that involves a penis is rape

| I like sleepy girls but not like for sex stuff specifically I just like mellow girls and cuddling

| >>587551 I hope we become fast friends, and in a stroke of bad luck you fell from a cliff into a nuclear power plant and get blown to bits while a comfort your gf and cuck you from beyond.

| >>587598
Damn, what a friend you would be.

| What it's feel like when being fucked while asleep?

| >>587551 why not we share her instead

| >>587628 you can't feel it you shit. Otherwise the sensation feels probably like a wet dream

| >>587628
I got sucked while asleep once. It just woke me up and we continued.

| >>587551 you got what i need what i like so give it me yeah you got that

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