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describe your fetish in a vague way

| most people like wurst but I prefer bratwurst

| I like throwing shit down a hole

| Something with ropes

| The other one

| Adventurer's pack, no, not dungeoneer'rs pack

| you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

| its like that bad thing with food but in a sexual way

| >>586747 me too

when the PP is more pp

| when the geysers gush out of the waterhole. full on spraying faces.

| >>586872
moar pp betr pp

| I have mental disorder

| >>586747
so you like nigger dick you pathetic thing

| i don't even have a fetish anymore i just want a single fucking person to have any emotional relation whatsoever to have with

| >>586967
Hi mental disorder, I'm nigger

| lack of affection


| Inhaling sweet nectar from the source.

| Like fruit that shouldn't be harvested.

| Putting my bookmark on the right page.

| if it breathes...

| like skin kinda cold

| Wearing different undergarments and negglecting to use certain household facilities involving swirling water.

| Simultaneously gay and not.

| >>587596 traps?

| Lending a hand with rubber holes

| Skirts

| Snakes

| >>587955 This guy fucks

| They don't feel like it. Then they do

| Cuddles uwu

| sex

| affection


| Butt

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This thread is permanently archived