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does anyone else have a fetish for... crying?

| for crying girls. help me, /u/, it makes me nut

| I dunno.. my client keeps asking for crying girls.. being raped, so yeah

| N-no... -starts crying-

| I like Dorothy's crying animation

| >>585754 why do you have a fetish for that?

| I have a fetish for being a hero, I always cum when I do an heroic act, then I get arrested for public indecency...

But the pleasure of it is worth the criminal records.

| >>1fce48 Same. It's really cute.

| >>54f300 pretty cool fetish, I like it (~ ̄▽ ̄~)

| >>586160 i don't know, but i know i do. girls sobbing uncontrollably, fully emotional crying, or when they hold in tears. i find it nothing but hot

>>585761 i haven't thought about MAKING them cry... just when they cry on their own accord

| >>586816 just make them cry of happiness

| there's a BL like that. But I forgot what's is called

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This thread is permanently archived