Gun safety

| I want to make a baby but everyone is like "MUH GUN SAFETY" and like, is this for fucking real? I want to start a family but everyone keeps spewing bullshit that I will blow my genitals up, for fucks sake. When did this society become such a pussy? I will be putting it in with no safety! I am going to make a baby and nobody is going t

| o stop me

| Stick to your guns
Ain't nobody gonna hurt you, baby
You can go for the trigger
But only if you have to
Aim from the heart
Some will love and some will curse you, baby
You can go to war
But only if you have to
It's only if you have to

| why is this on /d/

| Creeper

| >>586325 because the "gun" OP is talking about is a penis.

>>586372 aw man

w h a t

| >>586407 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 >>586372 I'm talking about actual guns

| >>586458 but how will you make babies with actual guns?

| >>586460 shoot doctors trying to perform abortion lmao xDDD i'm so edgy

| >>586468 I like you

| I recommend u to work on condom fabric, there're u need only needle to make a lot of babies ( ・ ิ ω ・ิ )

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