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Highschool relationship (formerly highschool crush thread)

| Hey g/u/rls, sorry it's been so long, gf has intermittent sessions at the summer camp she's working at, when she was back at one point my mom left the place to me for a few days so I'd invited gf over and I wound up fingering her, she'd never masturbated before and I got her real close to cumming a few times, this was both of our first times doing anything like this, but now she's working again for two weeks, feel free to ask any questions or perhaps even give me advice.

| Use your ring or index finger to do the job while using your palm to rub her clit and remember to find that firm smooth spot in there othe upper wall then go to town on it. Also aside from in and out you gotta move your finger as if your scratching a itch.

Or so I've heard. Damn you op and your gf too!

| >>585035 For more context, we were both on the couch, I was holding myself on top of her with one arm while going at it with the other, I was going at it like an itch which is probably how I got her so close, it took about half an hour or so, and on top of that my arms wound up feeling kinda tired afterwards, oh I was also using my middle finger and then middle and ring finger.
I appreciate the advice though, thanks g/u/rl.

| Cool.

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This thread is permanently archived