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Alternatively, what do you find most sexy for a dude?

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| Being me

| Beating me

| Roughly fucking my ass.

| Being smol, cute.

| Being stupid, idk but i like that

| >>584385 heloooo there babe
We go together like 6 plus 9 is 69

| >>584387
i like you already

| >>584413
what kind of animal is the pink panther?

| cute pubescent boi who wears high shorts and has no self esteem eksdee

| >>584474
as a male i want that

| I like men who look like women

| >>584628 as a female I want that

| >>584786
we should adopt a cuteboy

| men who smell good

| Mostly gay guys in this thread. Don't get your hopes up, str8 fellas.

| >>584926
sorry, that was very 4chan of me

| I like boys with 'open' or 'clear' faces. I also like boys who are taller than me but luckily that's most of them. I wish that there were more boys who were cute instead of handsome.

| >>584787
cuteboys deserve head pats
cuteboys == goodboys

| I wish I could be /d/'s cute boi. Unfortunatly I am just too cool for that. *pops collar, dons sunglasses, explosions in distance*

| >>585057
Granted, but you can't be cool anymore.

I wish...


| >>584787 or we could just make cute boys

have threesomes and then get disappointed when the grow all old and gross

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