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How obvious is the smell of a guy that has fapped

| My sense of smell has always been completely fucked, so this has always been a mystery for me.
Assuming everything involved was IMMEDIATELY either cleaned up with tissues (that were disposed of) or washed with water, how obvious would be the smell?

| It only smells around the crotch. As long as no one bends forward to smell, you should be fine. I fap all the time and I don't think anyone was on to me yet.

| Just please wash your hands.
You'll be fine.

| >>583973
Washed them with soap. Twice, actually.

| If you are using shorts, you are fucked

| >>584033
And why exactly is that the case?

| >>584043 ball sweat. Loose shorts will just waft that stench out

| Why use soap when you can lick your hands, instead?

| Get some Old Spice, and spray your whole body.

The miasma of masculinity will kill everyone within it's reach.

| >>584062 that's the best option OP

| >>584051
So the correct choice is to wear tight fit panties.
White with cute strawberries on them
Or stripes

| Did you try removing the paper that automatically gets taped to your back after you fapped? That may help.
On the paper it says, "I just fapped. Smell me."

| I hate how relevant this thread is.

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This thread is permanently archived