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What is a bell, if not the perfect sexual object?

| There are a wide variety of bells out there. Same small, some big, some electrical, and they all have great potential.

Take this one for example, and just start imagining all the different uses it could have during sexual acts: https://m.imgur.com/r/kancolle/BfBmMYc

Pretty great, huh?

Now, this one should be obvious: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/W19JZXO

If you add a bit of rubber to it yourself it works for both types of genitals, and with the added smell of older woman.

| This one is a lot bigger: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/pCTir

It can potentially fit you and/or your partner, and has an aesthetic perfect for 40's themed roleplaying. The mechanisms around it and the insides can be used creatively as well.

This one is not useless either: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/39Sx2aU

A bit more modern, but with some modifications could be good for some shocking stimulation.

What kind of bell is your favourite, and how to you imagine it is used during sex?

| Taco bell is delicious for after and before sex.

| >>578625
Ah, practical yet fulfilling! A great choice!

| I also used to give away free stacks of 99,000 bells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Also I wouldn't want to think of an animated tiny fairy character from the Disney movie, Peterpan, a sexual object.
But I do love looking at mesmorising flowers, such as, the Bellflower.

| >>578629
Rubbing bellflowers on your sensitive parts should not be underestimated, and neither should the fairies of Neverland.

| I have once misjudged flowers and their medicinal properties. Dandelion root, as an example, is used in some commercial herbal supplements... but that is bell-low the point.
On topic, if a bee can pollinate the center of a bellflower, then it can also pollinate me if stroked properly against myself, I do would love to produce some sweet dripping honey for many others mouths to enjoy. Bears, even... That does ring a lot bells in me!!

| Bells make annoying sounds, know what else makes annoying sounds?
What else has something to do with bells?
What taco bell serves?
who else makes Mexican food?

Thats means mexicans are taco bell that's a bell that is also Trump, in other words:


| Yami ni madoishi awarena kage yo
Hito o kizutsuke otoshimete,
Tsumi ni oboreshi go no tama,
Ippen... shinde miru?
-bell chime-

| >is a bell
>isa bell
Animal Crossing porn confirmed!

| >>578834
I see you like the furrier bells. A good choice indeed.

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