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| From time to time I see vanilla fans complaining about how few vanilla there are or sometimes why fetish stuff have the best artists. The rape tag alone takes 10%+ on exhentai and nhentai and that doesn't cover fetishes like incest. On hanime.tv only 6 pages of 46 have a vanilla tag

So I got to thinking, The reason why there's so few vanilla hentai compared to fetish stuff like rape, incest, etc. is because people that consume porn regularly aren't 'normal' right?

| They're degenerates, like myself. They consume way more porn than the normal person so these people are the ones fueling the market and vanilla fans aren't.
If there were more vanilla fans and there'd be a higher demand and more vanilla, but there isn't. Vanilla's just not lucrative enough.

| > too few vanilla

| ok。 you can't stop me from being a degenerate tho.

| >>578556
You use the word "normal", but if you look at any of the normal, mainstream porn sites they're not a lot better. You used rape and incest as examples, but those are really popular on "normal" sites too.

It's not that we're degenerate, it's that the term degenerate doesn't have any real meaning.

It is true though, that vanilla isn't the most popular. Everyone has their fetishes, so why not search by those instead of watching something plain and basic?

| I want wholesome Yuri not a dick girl raping a Loli

| >>578947

| I want a tentacle monster pleasuring a girl, not a futa raping another

| >>578947
I think both of those sound quite alright.

| >>579059 neighborhood tentacle shop is good

| And I just want a bishie man tied in red rope being beaten to a bloody pulp as he gets off on the pain...being a sadist is hard.

All my clients never make it to the end but they still "come" any way lolol

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This thread is permanently archived