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Really wanna buy this

| https://www.otonajp.com/mouth-of-truth-ochobo-guchi-mini

I really wanna buy this but I'm wondering if the box art and description might pose a problem since I would be getting it shipped to my third world country.

| Yeah. You may or may not be fucked depending on your location.

Why do you want the loli version in particular?

| >>577167 it's new and so far reviews say that it is way better than the older types plus the great price.

| Man these mouth onaholes look creepy as fuck.

| Try tenso or another one of those shipping services. They basically give you an address to have stuff ship to their address in japan and then ship it to you. Not sure what country you live in but I'm sure there's a shipping services that delivers to you, OP! Best of luck /g/url lol

| Op wants to fuck a Loli face?

| >>577441 not really I just want the best blowjob onahole and this seems to be the rising star of them all. Honestly all of the mouth of truth onaholes box art looks like lolis but what can I do they are the best ones available.

| Just get a hookup already

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This thread is permanently archived