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I've got a question.

| Is it weird to use the five stages of grief when trying to figure out how close I am to accepting my own sexuality?

| I think I'm at mid way between depression and acceptance. I've definitely moved past bargaining, and I've had multiple panic attacks. I still feel shitty, but also kind of comfortable, but not completely.

| I guess testing is where I'm at if we're using seven stages instead of five. That kind of makes sense. A combination of depression, testing and acceptance maybe. It's confusing.

| Honestly you can use the five stages of grief for anything
It just works

| >>577068
Yeah. It really does.

| r u a fagger

| Your gay op.

| >>577079 >>577072
Nope. I'd much rather be gay than this shit, but it is what it is.

| >>577081
wat is

| Don't tell me it's one of those on the spectrum ones? Demi sexual? Pansexual? Gurosexual

| >>577090
Nah, nothing like that. I'd prefer not to say. I'm in a really good mood right now, and saying would probably attract a lot of negativity.

| >>577095 is it the kind that could get you killed and or jailed?

| >>577097
Hopefully not where I'm at, but yeah, it could. Killed may be a stretch, but jailed and hated is very possible most places.

| >>577099 a pedo, then

| >>577101
Yeah, I shouldn't have made this thread. One night without choking on anxiety would have been nice.

| >>577103 waaaaaaaaaaiiiit....
I got it right? Fuuuuuuck! I was just trying to bait you into admitting to be transgender!
What. The. Fuck.
That was the randomest hit I ever got out of a bluff!

| God, I hate the internet lol

| >>577104
Consider yourself lucky. It somehow makes me feel better that it wasn't an educated guess, but I feel like absolute shit now. I'm so fucking dumb.

| Pedophilia isn't a fucking sexuality. Don't even try to pull that shit. I don't wanna be hateful and tell you to die but honestly if you're 'testing' I don't see what you could be useful for

| >>577111
'Testing' was just a reference to the stages of grief. I don't touch kids cunt. I'll ignore that first part since I honestly don't know.

| Good luck to you, anon. I feel ya.
And no, am not a pedo sympathizer or a pedo myself or anything. Am quite on the radical side of intolerance. But this clown world we live in somehow celebrates homosexuality and "you cant choose who you love, so accept everyone", but as soon as pedos show up they are hunted with pitchforks.
I say you either kill them all, or accept them all. The slippery slope is real and you cant just accept one kind and hate on the other.
Good luck, pedo.

| >>577112
>i don't touch kids you cunt, i just want to fuck them
>throe akbar dials

| >>577195
Huh. I like your philosophy.

Yeah, that's exactly right.

| have you tried... getting laid?

| i'm a pedo too, but i won't lay my hands on actual children or watch child porn because if some grown ass person defiled me as a kid i would consider that person dead in my mind.

why is people freaking out? op even mention the 5 stages of grief. they aren't starting a pedopride parade or anything.

| >>577228 I'm freaking out because I thought OP was transgender and I had prepared a lot of stuff to shame OP for being a tranny and used the pedo thing to make them admit to be a tranny as it is considered less bad than being a pedo...

Completely crushed my plans to cause outrage and controversy

| >>577232 oh damn. I hate myself for sympathizing with you. takes a troll to know one

| OP, you're pretty fucked. I feel sorry for you. What's sucks the most is that I don't even know if you can find help for your condition. Germany is the only country I know of with rehabilitation programs. Everywhere else might cause a problem to tell a medical professional about this.

| >>577244
I think talking about it with a therapist where I'm at shouldn't cause any problems. I don't think rehabilitation when it comes to something like this is a real thing though. It's not something that can be cured.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if transgenders are the only thing you're able to cause controversy over you kind of suck as a troll.

Fuck pride. I just want acceptance, though that's probably far off.

| >>577258 >>577242 HEY! I know I'm not a good troll but I'm trying very hard to limit my trolling to whatever is the latest fad in the progressive agenda

| >>577261 dude you need to expand your horizons. you aren't even really trolling, just kinda being spammy and ignorable.

| >>577261
Well, if your heart isn't in it, as it doesn't seem to be, then why do it at all? You should either do it properly or don't do it. In between just makes you slightly annoying, and that's it.

| >>577258
>fuck pride i just want acceptance
that's also what faggots said in the beginning. go down that slippery slope and soon you'll be pedophobe if your kid is still a virgin.

| >>577276 >>577269 thanks for the encouragement guys!
I'll turn over a new leaf and learn how to be a troll like there never was before, capable of causing rage and embarrassment from out of thin air
That's my endgame now!

| >>577337
You lost me halfway through that. Could you try to explain better?

Good luck! You'll probably be hated by a lot, I definitely don't support it, but yeah! Go for it!

| >>577341
dw i expected you to be lost, you always have been

| >>577374
Oh damn! Didn't know I was in an anime.

| >>577375

| Wait......
Now I feel that I was the one being trolled all along...
First OP was uncertain of his desires and suddenly they're 100% sure?
Feels odd, like it's all some ruse of sorts

| op is a nigger

| >>577379
I wish it was. Thing is, I was having really bad anxiety and eventually a panic attack during the start of this thread. I've never felt uncertain about having the desires, they're definitely there. It's just that I'm confused and having a hard time accepting that they're there, since I know others don't.

| >>577383
if it doesn't feel natural then it's probably not normal to your own psyche. perhaps you're just being lured into a meme. i don't think it's the real you. just get into a relationship with a real gurl and sort this shit out. gl faggot

| >>577389
The problem is that it does feel natural. I've been feeling like this for 3 or so years, not understanding why. Now that I've realized that finding kids sexy means I'm pedo I'm trying to pretend that I'm not, even though I obviously am and should just accept it.

| Just to be on the same page.
Are we talking pedo as in your strike zone is 6-12? Or are we talking pedo as in you like them from 13 onwards?
Just curious, dont answer if you feel that this is too much.
I think that if you limit it to 15+ you would be kinda okay? If we're talking 8 years old though.. yeah..

| >>577404
I'm 16, so if it was 13+ it wouldn't be pedo, would it? 6-12 is the ones I feel attracted to. Around 9-12 is where I have strong sexual feelings.

| >>577409 oh come on, you're not even an adult yet
You're a little messed up but still not a pedo
Captcha > yacks scoop rapes

| >>577411
Well, my feelings aren't changing. To be honest I thing they've been strengthened over the last couple years aka puberty. You may not consider me a pedo yet, but there's no doubt that I'll be considered one soon. Where I'm at 16 is the age of consent though, so not being an adult yet when it comes to sexual things isn't a thing here.

| >>577414 you're just being dramatic, I have a friend that was like that(attracted to younger girls) when we were sixteen
He even dated a 12 yo girl
Nowadays we're 27 and he's been into MILFs for 5 years now
He did a total 180° in only 6 years

| >>577418
Well, I hope that happens to me as well, but I'm not really being dramatic. In my current state I'm considered a pedophile. That's just a fact.

| >>577424 you're not fully developed calm down, wait 5 years then you can worry

| >>577444
Yeah, I'll make sure to tell my anxiety that. Seriously though, worrying is what I don't want to do, but not worrying is impossible. It's not going to change. It probably won't get worse, but as I said I've felt like this since a year or two into puberty. When I watch porn I don't feel a whole lot, but when I watch loli or use my imagination I do. There's no way I'm not a pedophile, and that's why I'm scared. Sure, I could pretend like it's not true, but it's obvious.

| There's always petite Asian girls your age.>>577452

| Fuck off op

| >>577488
It's not the same thing.

| >>577589 oh you're right it's not the same thing
It's a 10000000000000000000000000% better

| >>577594
I wish I felt the same way.

| >>577452
>when I watch loli or use my imagination
OP, that's cartoons and wishful dreaming. the real deal is different. if you really feel like confronting the question and looking in the mirror, give me your email and we'll sort things out.

| Ahhhh to be a teenager again and think that every little possibly troublesome thing is immediately permanent and catastrophic
Savor the youth while you can kiddo

| >inb4 onee-sama ara ara's this thread out of borderline illegality

| >>577717
That doesn't change the fact that I stare at kids, want to touch and spend time with them and imagine fucking them. I wouldn't mind talking to you, but I'm not sure if posting my email is a good idea.

| >>577763
use a throwaway. i'll send you a chatroom link.

and yes, it does change a LOT of things, it's the taboo angle, forbidden is exciting.

| >>577811
No. Wtf.

| >>577815
no to what
and i'm not talking pedo chat or any of that crap, i'm talking you and me, one on one if that's what you're worried about

| >>577815
if you thought about getting linked to a pedo chat and felt repulsed at the idea, then your fetish ain't really real, mate.

| >>577820
Not repulsed, but I've got morals. While I'm excited by the idea of CP I don't support the production of it. Now that I understand your reply I have to disagree though, I don't find taboo stuff exciting. I actually wish I didn't feel any taboo feelings and could just live a normal ass life. I'll make a throwaway. Just wait a bit.

| >>577831
just use guerillamail
dw i'll cure you...

| If you genuinely think curing something like this is actually possible, good luck, but you haven't done your research.

[email protected]

| >>577836
fuck research. i used to think i was homo. now i'm cured.

| >>577838
Dude, that's not called getting cured! That's called not being gay. I'm pretty sure everyone has thought that they were gay at least once.

| >>577839 it's easy to cure the big gay
Just always remember to say > no homo

| you got le emails
>>577838 not>>577834

| OP chickened out
not replying to mail...

| oh well, i guess he was a fed after all

| That was....

their story was full of inconsistencies but I thought it was just the effects of puberty, I still can't believe tried to troll a fed that was trying to catch pedos while he pretended to be one.

This will go to my bruh stories collection

| >>577888
can you even read

| >>577893 have you ever heard of an underage pedophile before?

| >>577857
No? I haven't gotten any mail. If you actually mail me I'll answer.

| >>577897
Sexual feelings/orientations are usually figured out during puberty, so if you think a little you'd realise that pedophiles were pedophiles before they were 18. Also, in my country I'm not underage.

| >>577900 I'd still find it cooler if you were a fed

| fucking check your spam folder
>chins creep bye

| >>577902
Nothing in spam. Nothing in anything.

I agree. That would be pretty cool.

| >>577909
bruh google is shit, use grr.la

| >>577901 admitting to being pedo isn't a crime

| >>578010 admitting to being a pedo is not a crime
Being one is a crime almost everywhere

| >>578049

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