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Is there any porn involving explosives (especially fire crackers?)

| Title says it all. I want porn where the sub is scared, hurt or burned by small explosives like poppers or fire crackers, without actually being killed. I need this for reasons

| You might find some on gurochan but I think they all die in the end there.

| >>576524
Loud noises tend to be bad for recorded audio and attracts police attention. Most people use candles or branding irons for burns. Look up pain BDSM and light the firecrackers yourself.

| i dont mean to judge but what the hell op

| July the 4th was a couple days ago.

| Tom & Jerry might me right up your allies. They rarely have clothes on and play a lot with explosives.

| >>576774 If you're into that OP, looney tunes is a second best. Daffy and Bugs really have sparks flying when they both are on screen lol

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This thread is permanently archived