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Is it possible to be perpetually horny

| I'm quite lewd but I still have a life beside PORN. Meanwhile I had a friend who mod all her games with lewd character model and whatnot. And I must admit, I've been picking up her attitude because it's sorta addicting. So my real question is, why isn't everyone doing this ??

| Because "people" are humans, not bonobos.

| > So my real question is, why isn't everyone doing this ??

Different people have different sex drives, but I can assure you that most(not all) people ARE either doing it or wanting to do it but society stops them from being as open about this kinda stuff

In the west we have two main culture views, both are against it

Conservatives that think any kind of sexual stuff is bad and progressives who will call you out either because this is "sexist" or because it makes you an "incel"

| In the end it's just because there's an inner quality of our culture that drives people to brag about having the so called "moral high ground" as a sign of having status and virtue

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"people" or "humans" are animals that estranged from nature by developing technology. Animals that believe in being superior life forms because they have technology that give them the illusion of having things under control. But the truth is, that under the thin layer of civilization we still are animals. All people share the same basic animal needs. Unfortunately we still have an economical system which relies on eternal growth and divides people into classes.

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I would prefer if people would act more often like bonobos instead of the irrational, humorless and self-centered, self denying bunch of assholes.

| >>576439 That's your bonobo point of view.
Humans are animals that stopped surviving, and started living, giving a meaning to their life. They don't live because they were meant to, they live because they want to.
And you see, it is incompatible with raw sexual instincts, as those only exist to induce survival through reproduction.
Want to see people act like bonobos? Visit a prison, you'll see all the rapists and pedophiles who gave in to their instincts. That's where you'd fit.

| I love sex.

| There's a medical condition where everything feels sexually stimulating.

| I get constantly horny if I don't masturbate often enough but after I nut it goes away for a day or so. It would really suck to be perpetually horny but never get to cum methinks.

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It's called 'being a teenager'.
Once you hit your late 20's/30, your sex drive takes a huge nosedive.
Now, if you are horny 24/7 and do not find it goes away after you cum, you might have nymphomania. But it sounds like you and your friend don't, because nymphomaniacs are too busy trying to get sex to post on niche websites.
Congratulations, you are normal.

| >>576374 what if she's not perpetually horny but instead the lewd characters make her horny

Also eat her out while she's playing Skyrim

| >>576481

| >>576481 we all do

| >>577055 idk bout that lol I know a lot of things better than sex (but it's probably becuz for me it's painful so fuck it lolol)

Like mimosas on sunday or watermelon or panda sandals with pressure points or the screams of a beautiful man. Anyway, I like those more than sex lololol

| >>577318 then you're not one of us
Puritan POS

| >>577320 nah definitely not a puritan, I think I'm just on the extreme side of kink as can be just without sex

Though you're right about me being a POS tho lol

| If it's painful you might be doing it wrong

| OP that's called being being a post puberty human
You're going to be horny forever

| >>577318
Never knows best, amirite?

| >>577973 yatta-suyo!

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