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there is too much hentai

| think back on the old days
we used to wait days between releases
sniping a good doujin was occasional & caused drama
now there's new stuff every hour
as well as the Western stuff
it's too much
a g/u/rl only has so much time to use

| It's a plan made by the illuminati to make all the garbage spend all their time watching hentai, and thus stop reproducing

| There is too little. The so called new stuff coming out every hour is vanilla garbage.

| I use it to avoid paying for actual porn

| >>575951 there
it's actually harder to find good stuff. i miss old fakku

| Well, I wish they would make more. As someone who only uses one tag an prefer it in anime form, I can go weeks, sometimes months without something new and worthwhile coming out

| >>576297 That's what nhentai is for my g/u/y

| >>576532 I hate using nhentai sometimes because I see some great stuff but a majority of them are not translated and I like to read while I rap.

| >>576642 that's why you use sadpanda

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This thread is permanently archived